Weekly Picks: Week 4

Oliver Mauntel (20-9-1)

  1. Oregon +2
  2. Georgia -14
  3. Wake Forest +8
  4. Louisiana Tech +20
  5. Auburn -28.5
  6. Arizona State +17.5
  7. Kentucky +10
  8. Cleveland Browns -3
  9. Chicago Bears -4.5
  10. Minnesota Vikings -16.5

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Thomas Jeffrey Pinpoints Four Must See Stories of Week Four College Football

By Thomas Jeffrey

After just three weeks, College Football has provided us with the excitement that it always brings. There have been marquee match-ups like Michigan vs. Notre Dame, Clemson vs. Texas A&M, and Ohio State vs. TCU. We have seen playoff contenders such as Wisconsin and Miami suffer early losses, and we have seen teams like LSU and Virginia Tech emerge as playoff hopefuls. However, because of a mediocre slate of games, it seems like the excitement might die off a little in week four. But there are still some big storylines to watch for in week four!  Read All Four Here!

Week Four College Football Picks: Texas A&M, South Carolina, and Wisconsin among Michael Roth’s Weekly Selections

By Michael Roth

We are back after a 10-4 week to bring me to 23-15 on the season. I am now above 60% in both CFB and the NFL. To get my NFL picks, follow me on twitter (@mikerothou) and listen to my podcast where I not only break down these college games in depth but I also cover every NFL game this week. Read More Here!