The Kirk Cousins Carousel

Where will the former Washington Redskins QB land after all the drama of his free agency.


By Jack Hamrick 

The biggest news surrounding NFL free agency this year is by far the future destination of franchise QB Kirk Cousins. Most people, including myself, didn’t think Cousins would ever leave Washington, but as the off-season has continued, determining where Cousins will go is a topic everyone has been discussing. Plenty of teams could benefit by adding Cousins to their roster. By throwing for over 4,000 yards last year, along with 27 touchdowns and just 13 interceptions, Cousins has shown the league that he is an elite quarterback, and with the proper weapons could turn any team around (yes, even the Browns).

Originally, it looked like the favorites to sign Cousins were the newly improved SACKSonville Jaguars, but just a week ago they signed Blake Bortles to an extension, obviously ruling them out.

No more Jacksonville means option number two: the Denver Broncos. Denver has the most upside of Cousins’ options, obviously winning the Super Bowl just 3 seasons ago. With weapons like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, the Broncos provide Cousins with receiving threats, something he never has truly had.

Unlikely, but if the Browns do land Cousins, it immediately makes them a real team again. With a franchise quarterback like Cousins, the Browns could easily be an 8-8 team in his first year. Obviously lacking offensive firepower, Cleveland is an unlikely landing spot for Cousins, but one that I think all of the football world would like to see. The Browns do have some young talent though. They drafted Corey Coleman and David Njoku the past two years, along with the playmaker Jabrill Peppers; add that all up with the No. 1 and No. 4 picks in this upcoming draft, the Browns could load up their offense for Cousins to play with.

The landing spot of the star QB has been a topic everyone has enjoyed having a take on, but he most likely will sign with the team that gives him the most. I’m excited to see how it plays out, along with the entire off-season!


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