Who’s NBA-Ready?

Who are the top college players in the country that are ready to take on and take down the challenges of the NBA?


By Jack Hamrick

The NCAA has some incredible NBA-ready talent entering this year’s draft. Size, speed, and strength are everywhere and it’s hard to say who will go where. Here’s who I think is ready to tackle the Pro’s.

DeAndre Ayton

The 7’1″ Bahamian monster has arguably the best NBA body. Size and strength present, Ayton looks stronger than some current NBA centers. Averaging a double double at 19.9 PPG and 11.6 RPG, the Arizona big man is quite possibly the top prospect (as long as he can wait until the Pros to get his 100k).

Marvin Bagley III

The re-classed freshman, in my mind, is the best player in the country. Like Ayton, Bagley also averages a double double with 20.7 PPG and 11.2 RPG. Bagley’s only question would be his strength, but he makes up for it with his athleticism and his ability to stretch the floor. Bagley is shooting over 35% from 3, and is starting to be consistently guarded on the perimeter. The more I look into it, the more I believe Bagley is the safest pick in this years draft.

Mo Bamba

Another NBA type body, the 6’11” Bamba has been putting on a show in Austin this season. Developing his shot throughout the year, the lanky big man has shown that he can stretch the floor. If Bamba can put some muscle on by the end of the year he could be a menace to opposing NBA centers.

Miles Bridges

The athletic beast was a lottery pick last year, but decided to turn for his sophomore season. Improving his shooting, Bridges has turned into an elite scorer and continued his dominance on the defensive side of the floor. Bridges improved his outside shooting upping his draft stock even more. The Wooden Award finalist has the recipe for success and should be a very high pick this year.

This year’s draft should be interesting with so much talent this year. I’m excited to see where these projected lottery picks land, as well as the rest of the field.


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