Breaking Down LeBron’s New Free Agent List

Yesterday league soucres announced there are only FOUR teams that he would consider playing for next season: The Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers.

This information comes out shortly after several recruiting tactics in the form of Billboards came to surface. They urged LeBron to join their teams next offseason with slogans like “LAbron” and “CompleteTheProcess.”

The madness surrounding the free agency of LeBron James as we have seen in 2010 and 2014 is simply incomparable. The question now: Will he state how much he loves Cleveland and sob how hard of a choice it was to sign for 100 million dollars somewhere else? Or will he stay home, and end his career as a Cav?

Here is what I think each team presents and why or why not they are a legitimate destination for the King…

The Houston Rockets

Houston is currently having one of the best seasons they have had in franchise history, and leading the charge in the Western Conference. They have claimed the 1st place spot over the Warriors at a remarkable 33-1 when Paul, Harden, and Capela all play. Clearly built for the playoffs, and perhaps the Finals already, adding LeBron to the roster would create a 2nd super-team in the West.

Bad News for Rocket fans… it’s not going to happen. The reason being; the competition in the West is unbelievably better than it is in the East.

LeBron and his effect on the NBA have changed the entire dynamics of the league over the last decade. Reaching 8 straight Finals is remarkable, and stars in the East couldn’t stand losing year after year in the Conference Finals; so they all moved to the West. LeBron is aware of this effect he has made on the league, and would never waste all the progress he has made clearing out the East. Sorry Astroworld nut LeBron James will never be a Rocket.

The Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron becoming a Laker would be a Hollywood story come true. He has said time and time again how much he loves the city and has even talked about becoming a Laker in the past. LeBron also owns a house in LA and lives there for part of the summer.

The Lakers have a very young and talented roster that could learn a lot of LeBron, but aren’t nearly as close to being a championship team as the other free agent contenders. LeBron would most likely bring another star like Paul George to the team if he were to take his talents to LA, but I don’t see this in the forecast.

For the same reason the Rockets won’t get LeBron, combined with the lack of another superstar, LeBron will not be repping the purple and gold any time soon.

The Philadelphia 76ers

Outside of LBJ’s home-town Cavs, the 76ers are the only team with a real chance at signing LeBron this offseason. The process has shown progress, and the Sixers are on path to have their first playoff berth in years.

First, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have proven they are two stars to be reckoned with, and are a clear draw for LeBron to join the squad. Even by the King himself, Simmons has been referred to as a future LeBron, or “the next LeBron.”

Sticking with the previous theme, the conference of the Sixers helps their case tremendously. The East is weak and the Sixers have capitalized against extremely weak teams on their schedule, but have also taken down some of the giants.

A young, talented, and humble roster in the East is where LeBron will look to set his throne, and if he doesn’t return to his beloved hometown, Philly will be the place.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

Well… this is a familiar position. The Cavs are once again hoping their savior stays home, and doesn’t choose to “take his talents” elsewhere. Scary to say, but their chances at keeping their hero all rely on the success of this season.

The mid-season trades for the Cavs seemed to of boosted the team spirit, and they have been playing better as of late. LeBron is in his 15th season and hasn’t missed a game the entire year. a remarkable feat. He was quoted saying he is “playing the best basketball of his career” and has the stats to back it up. So while many have given up on Cleveland this year, I think they still have what it takes to hoist the trophy in June.

In my mind the number one choice for LeBron next season is Philly, but if the Cavs were to win the NBA Finals then I think he would have no option but to stay home and defend his title in the land.


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