The Building Browns

By Dastan Haghnazari

The Browns have began utilizing their plethora of cap space by trading two draft picks for star wide-receiver Jarvis Landry (the Dolphins seem to have a problem trading great players for draft picks, sorry Jay Ajayi) and the acquisition of Tyrod Taylor.  The Browns have slowly built the core of their roster through the draft in recent years, and they may be able to put together a good football team with their two early first round picks this year.

Imagine this, it’s fourth down and Tyrod Taylor is starting the snap count, Saquon Barkley is going in jet motion across the field, and Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, and Corey Coleman are all lined up ready to catch a pass down the field. Wow… really something to think about.

The offensive line is being built by teaching young players through the leadership of veteran Joe Thomas. The receiving core is already complete, Barkley is an option with the Browns having the first pick in the draft. All of this adds to the potential of being a top tier NFL caliber offense and could be possible soon.

The Browns problems lay in their defense and special teams. With the recent trading of Danny Shelton to the Patriots for a draft pick, the Browns seem to be attempting to revitalize a dying defensive line.  The defense overall is abysmal, but it is slowly developing through free agency and the draft with key play makers being brought in each year.  Myles Garrett being the only capable pass rusher, and the only decent players in the secondary are Jason Mccourty and a developing Jabrill Peppers. This can be remedied with the other first round pick they have to draft Ohio State’s own Denzel Ward, a very solid cover corner-back who can provide a much needed “lock-down” player that the Browns so badly need. Also, there are elite corners and safeties available in free agency such as Malcolm Butler and Eric Reid. Recently, Cleveland has dropped Cody Parkey from the starting kicker position, and have signed Zane Gonzales. The Browns may have to use some of their later picks on promising kickers and punters rather than offensive and defensive players to cover the pitfalls that special teams caused the Browns during last season.

Cleveland could find themselves in a position to reach the playoffs in a few years if they focus on getting better every day. The Browns have long awaited their chance for playoff success, and with their large amount of cap space as well as the potential to sign elite players in free agency, the future looks bright for the Cleveland Browns… but this has all been said before, so who knows what is in store for Cleveland.


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