MLB Power Rankings: 2nd Edition

By Griffin Hill

30. Cincinnati Reds (7-21) Original Ranking- 21

The Reds’ record is terrible and Bryan Price was fired last Thursday morning… not much going for the boys in Cincinnati… poor Joey Votto.

29. Miami Marlins (9-18) Original Ranking – 30

Pitiful, pitiful pitiful… nothing to see here. I hope all 8 season ticket holders enjoy the long season.

28. Texas Rangers (11-18) Original Ranking- 15

Big drop for the Rangers here from 15 to 28, but well deserved. Possible rebuild coming soon…

27. Kansas City Royals (7-20) Original Ranking –  27

From one of the top teams in baseball and World Series champs to the bottom of the barrel. 3 years can do a lot of work, and apparently sometimes not for the best.

26.Chicago White Sox (8-18) Original Ranking – 26

Yes, 26th is terrible, but there is promise for the White Sox. If I remember correctly the Astros were in a similar position not too far back. Give it time

25. Baltimore Orioles (8-20) Original Ranking – 25

Well under .500 and nothing to be exited about in Baltimore.

24. Tampa Bay Rays (12-14) Original Ranking – 20

The pitching is just too poor to win games. Hopefully the Rays can make some moves to improve that aspect of their organization.

23. San Diego Padres (10-19) Original Ranking – 29

The Padres have been so bad for so long so I originally has them at 29th. So Padres fans (if there are any of you out there) I apologize. I am liking the rise of this ball club. Keep proving me wrong.

22. Philadelphia Phillies (16-11) Original Ranking- 22

Yes.. the Phillies are less than 2 games back of first place. This won’t last. Go cheer on the Sixers.

21. San Francisco Giants(14-14) Original Ranking- 19

The Giants have given me nothing to start the season. Experience is present, but firepower is lacking. Long and boring season for the Giants will continue unless some moves can be made.

20. Detroit Tigers (11-15) Original Ranking – 28

Well… my Tigers are looking to hot.

19.Pittsburgh Pirates (17-11) Original Ranking – 23

I didn’t expect much from the Pirates this season, but after a hot start they are near the top of the NL Central. If they can find a true leader in their bullpen, a team that was supposed to be in a rebuild could possibly make some noise.

18. Milwaukee Brewers (16-13) Original Ranking – 16

The Brewers pitching is solid, which frankly is winning them games early this season, but the hitting seriously concerns me. Downward spiral in Milwaukee is brewing…

17. Atlanta Braves (16-11) Original Ranking – 24

I jumped the Braves 7 spots, and they truly deserved it.

16. Seattle Mariners (16-11) Original Ranking – 17

The Mariners haven’t been terrible to start the year, however I do not see them as a playoff team this season.

15. Oakland Athletics (14-14) Original Ranking – 18

The Athletics have surprised me, I was definitely wrong about them. Hopefully they will show more of the same the rest of the season.

14. St. Louis Cardinals (15-12) Original Ranking – 11

Whether the Cardinals can get back to being the NL powerhouse they were 5 years ago is in question. However, they are off to a solid start out of the gate and are leading the NL Central.

13. Colorado Rockies (15-14) Original Ranking – 13

The Rockies stay put at my 13 spot, and rightfully so. They haven’t been spectacular but have given me enough to believe they are a team destined for the playoffs.

12. Los Angeles Dodgers (12-15) Original Ranking – 4

Possibly the biggest disappointment so far is the Dodgers. A team that many were picking to win the pennant (and still are) are sitting around .500. Not the start they expected LA, however I trust this organization to bounce back near the top of the NL.

11. Minnesota Twins (9-14) Original Ranking – 10

Rough start…. I am not worried! DO NOT SLEEP ON THE TWINS…. that is all I will say.

10. Washington Nationals(12-16) Original Ranking-2

The Mets could end up being the Nationals kryptonite this season, which on paper doesn’t make sense. The Nationals are stacked in both departments of baseball, however if they can’t improve moving forward my original World Series pick scares me.

9. Chicago Cubs (15-10) Original Ranking – 5

The Cubs are playing about as average as they can right now, sitting right around the .500 mark. Unlike Washington who moved eight spots, I only pushed the Cubs back four. This is because I trust the Cubs late season, and alike 2 years ago when they ran the table, I expect them to get hot the second half of the race.

8. Los Angeles Angels (16-12) Original Ranking- 9

Japanese star Shohei Ohtani has shown he can hit AND pitch with the best of ’em. The craziness surrounded the 23 year old prodigy has turned into something special brewing for the Angels. Batting Left and throwing right, I expect the amazing play of Ohtani to continue, as well as the Angels as a whole.

7. Toronto Blue Jays (15-12) Original Ranking – 14

While the Red Sox now seem to be the clear favorite to win the AL East, the Blue Jays have somewhat kept pace. Phenomenal pitching, and a good home record will most likely carry these birds throughout the season.

6. Cleveland Indians (14-12) Original Ranking – 7

There is no doubt in my mind this team can boast one of the best records in the AL, but to get through the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels and Astros this season, they need a missing piece. Keep an eye on the Indians… moves will be made.

5.New York Yankees (18-9) Original Ranking – 3

Giancarlo Stanton has not produced, but the other power hitters have. This is given the Yankees a record of 9-1 in their last 10, and they seem to be catching their stride early on.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks ( 19-8) Original Ranking-8

Often overlooked, the Diamondbacks have started off HOT HOT HOT. Watch out Dodgers the AL West is anyone’s game, and right now Arizona is leading the charge.

3. New York Mets (17-9) Original Ranking -12

The biggest surprise of the season thus far has been the M-E-T-S. The Mets are atop the NL, and striking out batters night in and night out. We will see if their play can continue, but right now they are playing as good as anyone in baseball.

2. Boston Red Sox (20-7) Original Ranking – 6

The Red Sox have been simply unstoppable, and I almost had them as my top overall team. If this can continue they will blast through the season with the league’s best record.

1. Houston Astros (19-10) Original Ranking – 1

The Angels are giving the Astros some competition in the AL West, however the hitting in Houston will prove to be too much to handle… as well as the pitching rotation. Houston has all the pieces to become back to back champs, anything less will be a disappointment.


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