Predicting the NFL’S 2018 Rookies of the Year

By Thomas Jeffrey

The NFL Draft is over, and now all the young players that were selected are practicing with their new teams. The draft provides a lot of excitement for the upcoming football season, especially in predicting what rookies will be breakout stars and the future of the NFL. There were many special players in this year’s draft that are capable of being stars, but only two players can be called the offensive and defensive rookie of the year. Here are those two players, and to no surprise, they were the two best players in the draft.

Saquon Barkley is the player that the New York Giants needed, and they got him. A generational talent that is a threat anytime he gets the ball. Barkley is the player that will reinvigorate the abysmal Giants’ offense with his athleticism, versatility, and talent. He is the only player in the draft that can be a running back, receiver, kick returner, and punt returner, which guarantees that he will have a prominent role in his offense. You can’t say that about most of the quarterbacks who were drafted.  Barkley will have a rookie season that will make Alvin Kamara’s look average. Saquon will undoubtedly be the offensive rookie of the year this season.

Many people were shocked that the Cleveland Browns drafted Denzel Ward with their fourth pick of Bradley Chubb. Well, this season Chubb is going to prove that the shock was well-warranted. Although Ward is a great player and an elite cornerback, Chubb was by far the best defensive player in the draft and the second best player only behind Barkley. The Denver Broncos struck gold when Chubb fell all the way to five and they were able to draft him. Chubb is already an amazing defensive end and pass rusher, but he will improve significantly when he gets to play with and learn from Von Miller, arguably the best defensive player in the league. Denver was able to win Super Bowl 50 thanks to an elite defense and pass rush, and Chubb has the chance to make that happen again for the Broncos. With his size, skill, and motor, expect Chubb to have a rookie season similar to that of Joey Bosa, and expect him to win defensive rookie of the year.

Although all the focus was on the quarterbacks, Saquon Barkley and Bradley Chubb were the two best players in the NFL Draft. They are both special players who will dominate on their respective sides of the field for years to come. They will both produce immediately in their rookie seasons, and, as a result, they will be the 2018 NFL Rookies of the Year.


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