Pre-Season College Football Playoff Predictions

By George Economus

Football is coming. Only 101 days remain until college football games get underway. The question that now defines college football remains “Who’s in?”, and again the powerhouse teams remain on the top of the preseason predictions.

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think Ohio State is the best football team right now. It all depends on Quarterback Dwayne Haskins and how he plays. The reason why I have Ohio State at the top of my list is because of their easy schedule. Ohio State’s “big” games include a Saquon Barkleyless Penn State, TCU, and Michigan. All their other games seem like easy wins at this point. Ohio State should roll through their schedule and reach the Big Ten Championship game where they will likely play Wisconsin or Iowa, teams that Ohio State are capable to beat. Ohio State feels like a lock right now but things may change. If they want to compete for a championship they need Haskins to step up and play well. They have all the tools, they are stacked at almost every position, but a quarterback makes or breaks a team.  

  Summary-Ohio State has an easy path to playoffs but need Dwayne Haskins to step up to win a championship.

  Projected Record (Not including playoffs) (13-0)

  1. Clemson Tigers

Clemson has one of the harder schedules on this list. They play a lot of big name teams that aren’t always consistently good: NC State, Florida State, Duke, South Carolina, Louisville, Texas A&M. All these teams are probably going to be bowl eligible, but it is questionable if any of them will have really great seasons. Clemson didn’t lose to many key players from last year and again brought in another impressive recruiting class which included the number 1 quarterback Trevor Lawrence, D- linemen Xavier Thomas and KJ Henry, and OT Jordan Carman who could all have immediate impacts as freshmen. I expect Clemson to play well this year and win the ACC again to earn a spot in the playoffs.

  Summary- Clemson should win ACC and have a similar season to prior seasons to earn a playoff spot  

Projected Record- (13-0)

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Suprise, Suprise Nick Saban and Alabama back near the top of the list. I think Alabama will have a very similar season to Ohio State’s. They have a pretty easy schedule with a few games that stick out: Auburn, LSU. They are stacked at most positions (as they usually are). And their quarterback needs to step up if they want to compete for another championship. I expect Tua Tagovailoa to start this upcoming fall over Jalen Hurts and expect Jalen Hurts to pull a Joe Burrow and transfer out. Alabama’s only bump this year would be the SEC championship game. But if two undefeated SEC teams go into that game, or an undefeated loses to a one loss team it is very possible for both to come away with playoff spots as they did last year. Especially if there are no Big 12 or Pac 12 teams that stand out.

  Summary- See Ohio State but swap Dwayne Haskins with Tua Tagovailoa  

  Projected record (12-1)

  1. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia’s quarterback is returning for his sophomore campaign and his experience of playing in the SEC for a year should help the Bulldogs. Georgia lost both Nick Chubb and Sony Michel last year but true freshman Zamir White should take over their running back job. Georgia, like the other teams on this list had an insane recruiting class this past off season and I anticipate that Georgia will use their incoming freshmen to fill the few holes they have. Georgia also has a pretty easy schedule with a few games that stick out: LSU, Florida, Auburn, and South Carolina. I think they will win these games and meet Alabama in the SEC championship game once again.

 Summary- Experienced QB, strong defense, and good incoming freshmen should help Bulldogs reach a playoff appearance

  Projected Record (12-1)


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