2019 5 Star Defensive End, Zach Harrison, Gives Sports Regime Final 3 Schools in Exclusive Interview.

By Griffin Hill (And Jack Hamrick

Zach Harrison is a special player. The length and speed of Harrison for a player at his position is rare to find in a high school senior. At 6’6, and 244 pounds, Harrison holds a 40 time of 4.62. Obviously this is quite an impressive time for a player of his size, but this speed coupled with his length is what separates Zach Harrison from any player in the country.

Harrison ranks 3rd in ESPN’s TOP 300 with an overall grade of 92, and the following schools on his list: Penn State, Alabama, Cincinnati, Georgia, Iowa State, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Toledo, USC, and Wisconsin.

However, Zach gave Sports Regime his final three schools Wednesday in his first interview about the subject:

“Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan. It’s going to be one of those three.”

This news means Harrison will soon be a part of Big Ten football no matter where he lands,  making his decision all the more suspenseful considering the history behind these three teams.

While Harrison was unable to say if he was favoring one of the three, he didn’t fail to mention how different the recruiting process is with Ohio State:

OSU is so close so I’m there often. [The recruiting] is not just from the coaches, it’s from the whole town.

Many people see the hometown option as the likely choice for Harrison’s college football career, but the recruiting pitch at Penn State is strong, considering their climb to becoming a national powerhouse in the last 5 years.

Michigan has also held a solid name for themselves, at least on the defensive side of the ball, but their recent struggles against Ohio State, and in other big games don’t give them the same winning tradition argument.

All three schools are a great fit for Harrison but everything seems to revolve around what he knows, and that is Columbus. Harrison mentioned the help he has received from his parents and high school coaches, and how their guidance has helped the most from the start. These are people close to the city of Columbus, just as Harrison is himself.

Because of these reasons, and also the strong recruiting efforts of Urban Meyer, I do believe Zach Harrison will end up a Buckeye. Nevertheless, with a full season of high school football left to play, Harrison looks to focus on developing his game, and pushing it to an even higher level.

There is no doubt that Zach Harrision’s size and skill could make him a future All Big Ten defensive end, and someday a pick in the NFL Draft. It is going to be an outstanding journey to watch.


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