MLB Half-Way Point: Playoff Picture

By George Economus

American League

AL EAST- Boston leads the division by 4.5 games with the best record in baseball. The New York Yankees are second in the division and have the third best record in baseball, and they are in control of the American League Wildcard (4.5 games ahead of 2nd place). When the regular season ends, I expect Boston to come away with the pennant and New York to earn a wildcard spot.


The Cleveland Indians are currently in control of the division at the break. They are 7.5 games ahead in a very weak division (Cleveland being the only team above .500 in the AL CENTRAL). Cleveland will be playing for another shot at the World Series when the season ends, no team in the AL CENTRAL has a shot at catching the Indians or a Wildcard spot.


Last year’s World Series Campion is on pace to win the AL WEST yet again. They are currently 5 games ahead of Seattle and 8 games ahead of Oakland. Seattle and Oakland are currently 2nd and 3rd in the Wildcard. I expect Houston to come out on top again and either Oakland or Seattle to come away with the second Wildcard spot.

National League

NL EAST- Philadelphia and Atlanta are neck and neck so far. Philadelphia currently has the upper hand by just a half a game. Winning this division could be critical to play in the post season because unlike the AL, the NL has a much more competitive race for the wildcard. Right now Atlanta has the second spot in the Wildcard, only 1 game behind Milwaukee and a half a game in front of Arizona.


The Chicago Cubs are currently in control of the NL CENTRAL through the mid-way point. However, Milwaukee is only 2.5 games behind Chicago and currently leads the close Wildcard race. This division could also be critical to playing in October.


The NL WEST is the most competitive division right now. 4 of their 5 teams are within 4 games of each other. The Dodgers have a half a game lead right now, they also added 4 time all star Manny Machado over the break and could potentially take control of the division. Arizona, Colorado, and San Francisco are all right there with a good chance of either winning the division of a wildcard spot.

Although much of the season is yet to be played, we are starting to see which teams will be playing in October and see what kind of years teams are going to end up having.


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