An Elite Big 10 Punter or Bottle Flipping Legend? An Exclusive Interview with Drue Chrisman

By Griffin Hill

First, Drue Chrisman wants everyone to understand this:

“The bottle flipping craze has died down, I repeat ‘died down,’ NOT DEAD!”

This is just a taste of the dedication and passion Chrisman holds for bottle flipping, and he shares those same feelings about his football career.

Ohio State will have Drue Chrisman as their starting punter as they did a season ago. In his 2017 season, Chrisman was phenomenal. As a freshman, he was a semi-finalist for the Ray Guy award (College Football’s best punter) and also received honors for being 3rd team all-Big Ten.

Chrisman is high on the watch list for the 2018 Ray Guy award, and his confidence to take home the award might be even higher. I had the chance to speak with Chrisman on both his career at Ohio State and as a self-proclaimed professional water bottle flipper.

Here is our conversation, and also a clip of his water bottle flipping skills:

Griffin Hill: Can you elaborate on some of your personal goals for this season, as well as your goals as a special teams unit?

Drue Chrisman: My goals are similar to everyone else’s goal on our team and that is to simply be the best. I think that’s what makes Ohio State so special, we don’t accept anything less than excellence on the field or in the classroom. We’re even told that if you are the best then enhance it, so there’s never a time where you can be complacent. I want to win the Ray Guy award and lead the country in every possible statistic. This not only helps me and my future goals, but our team as well.

GH: Can you tell the story of how the water bottle flipping obsession started and how you became so good?

DC: That story began the same as every great story… I was mindlessly thumbing through twitter. It was a cold windless winter night and I came upon a video of a guy by the name the Michael Sentatore (the OG of Water bottle flipping). This man had the confidence to walk on a stage with his whole school in attendance and perfectly land a water bottle on the beat drop of a song. I’d never seen anything like it, I had to try it for myself like I’m sure millions of other kids did after watching the video. After my first successful land of a bottle it was like something clicked, I never looked at a bottle the same. It wasn’t until the bottling flipping craze died down, I repeat “died down”, NOT DEAD, where I started posting water bottle flip videos. I spent the months before training through blood, sweat, and tears to be as confident as the OG was on that heroic night at his school’s talent show.

GH: Urban Meyer has always been such a great special teams coach, what has it been like working so closely with him?

DC: I firmly believe he is the best coach I could have chosen for the betterment of my career. He’s worked with so many great punters and creates you into the best punter you can be. A lot of it does have to do with the high expectations he sets for us, but the motivation he gives us to meet those expectations is next to none.

GH: With an NFL career possibly being in your future, what have you been told you need to do in order to take your game to the next level?

DC: I just need to take one day at a time. I find myself looking too far into the future sometimes and worrying about stuff out of my control. If I just work on my craft and become the best punter I can be and do all that I can for the team, the Lord will take care of the rest. If the NFL is my next journey in life then that’s great. If getting sponsored by a major water bottle company and flipping bottles for a living is what’s next, then so be it!

GH: With the game on the line… Would you trust yourself to pin the opponents inside the 20 from your own 30, or instead take the chance to seal the victory by successfully landing 3 water bottle flips in a row?

DC: As confident as I am with bottle flipping, and the sheer fact that I’ve probably flipped a water bottle more times than I’ve punted a ball by now; I would have to say pinning the opponent inside the 20. I have to say this due to the possibility of coach pulling my scholarship if I answered this any other way! He has seen my videos and even successfully landed some flips of his own, but if he lost a game due to a bottle not standing upright I might as well just take my pads off, walk to the opposing team’s sideline, and catch the bus ride home with them.


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