Premier League Power Rankings

By Chase Albanese

The Season is Finally Here! Now that match-day one of the Premier League Season is over, I rank the teams from 20-1 below.


After finishing 2nd in the EFL Championship last season, Cardiff is back in the premier league for the first time in four seasons. Cardiff will replace Swansea as the lone Welsh team in the Premier League, which is pride that they can play for. With the signing of Bobby Reid and a loss of Greg Cunningham, Cardiff’s main focus will be Survival.


With so much competition in the Premier league and the fact that Watford could lose its Brazilian forward, this could be a sign that it might be time for relegation for Watford. With bright young players managed by Javi Garcia look for Watford to fight to stay into the league led by Gerard Deulofeu.


After finishing 16th last season and the league only getting tougher, Huddersfield’s path to relegation just got a little bit easier. Wolves and Fulham are two promoting teams that are better already. After having gritted their way back into the league last season, the load will he put on the shoulders of Aussie star Aaron Mooy. Who else does Huddersfield have? Not really much, look for the terriers to be relegated.


A 15th place finish last season should give Brighton some momentum coming into this season. With key transfer signings, look for Brighton’s starting XI to improve but at the same time it may take awhile for the chemistry to improve. Look for Brighton to stay in the league yet again after a good summer signing window.

#16. FULHAM.

For the first time in 4 seasons, Fulham is back and aren’t just here to be here. After beating Chelsea to Jean Michael Seri at the transfer window, Fulham has its eyes on doing some damage in the Premier league. A team that’s young but experienced at the same time will have no issue staying in the league but will have to pull out some gritty performances to stay in it.

#15. WOLVES.

This is a team ready for more than survival. It’s a young and excited group of players. After making signings of Rui Patricio and Ruben Neves look for Wolves to be on the attack in the League this season. After storming out of the EFL by a huge margin, this team isn’t just here to participate.


The Saints were oh so very close to being relegated last season. Mark Hughes is a very good manager who will get his team’s mindset right but with the loss of Tadic, will it be enough? With some big money signings the Saints will find themselves back in the league once more and will look to keep building and building.


Leicester will no question be back into the league, but it won’t be a contender. After losing Riyad Mahrez, Leicester almost have no goal scorers and will struggle to complete games. Look for Harry MacGuire to lead the team back into the league because Leicester will look to him and the defense to win games.


With almost a full team back that is young and aggressive, Palace will look to make a push into the top ten. Led by Schlop and Zaha, the attack won’t be an issue due to the pace the team has. Look for the offense to carry Palace due to having a shaky attack. Also with the most Loyal fans in soccer, home fixtures are crucial.


The cherries are becoming one of the better sides in the Premier League due to how well they are managed. There is no other way to put it that this team just fights, led by Frasier and Callum Wilson there is a major threat always when Bournemouth is attacking. Also with some experience on the team too, look for the Cherries to push for a top 8 spot.


Burnley is made in its defense. This is a very annoying team to play against and is why they win a good amount of games. Another team that is well coached that looks to play on the counter attack will eventually be a team that is in this League for a long time. Also for not signing too many players, the team continuously keeps playing together which is why they are a top 10 team.


After Finishing 10th in the league last season, the magpies are on the rise. Rafa Benitez’s side are young and very talented and shocked the EPL by returning to good form last season. Look for Joselu to lead the way and for Rondon to be a key contributor after being transferred. This is a team that could fight for top spots.


Sacking Rogers at manger last season was the best thing that the Hammers have done. Ever since the firing of the manager the team he played with a sense of urgency, although West Ham was on the lower half of the league last Season, Manuel Pellegrini has done everything he can to make this team a contender again.


Everton showed last season that they are capable of fighting with the bigger teams in the Premier League. With only losing Wayne Rooney and with Marco Silva at the Helm, look for a rejuvenated system at Merseyside. Everton is young and are ready to take the next step in the league with a good amount of experience and talent.


The Gunners are a completely new team, so this is why they are 6th. With a new half of a starting XI it will take some time for the Gunners to show who they really are. Unai Emery will make this team better in the long run but making the team gel is his biggest challenge so far. Arsenal have all the talent in the world, but can they fight for a top spot?


With almost signing no one at the transfer window, Man U hasn’t done enough to get over the hump. Also with Paul Pogba unhappy at Old Trafford, there is really no leader to the team at this point. Jose Mourinho has a questionable managing style which is why I place them outside of the top 4.


The Spurs will make it back into the champions league again with the advantage that their whole team is back. Not signing anyone at the Window probably won’t bring them the Title but don’t ever count out Pochettino’s side. Look for Tottenham to fight for the title led by stars Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli.


The Blues have done more than enough to get back into the top 4 and to even contend again for a Premier League Title. Signings of Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic will surely put them back into the Champions League. Sarri in my mind will put Chelsea in position to win every game and Eden Hazard will always be a threat.


This is without a doubt the team closest to contending with Man City. After making it to a Champions League Final, Liverpool is tolling with momentum and is going to try to find a way to get back to the top. Klopp will manage this team to win and Mo Salah will return to form yet again. Look for signing like Shaquiri to make an Impact.


The Defending Champs have to be number one. Pep will have this team rolling again and with all the talent in the world Man City looks more hungry than last year. The next step is to win a Champions League Final, which I think is possible. Look for Kevin De Bruyne and Sergio Aguero to lead this team back to the title.


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