A Look at the New Power 5 Uniforms

By Danny Kraft

This season offseason a lot of new uniforms were revealed. Here is a conference by conference breakdown:


  • Florida State
    • New coach Willie Taggart has said to expect some new combinations this year and they are breaking out their blackout uniform against Virginia Tech in their season opener.
  • Georgia Tech
    • The Yellow Jackets finally ditched Russell and joined Adidas. They upgraded to Adidas’ new A1 template. Since Georgia Tech is one of the only teams in the nation that wear white at home, Adidas decided to give them two white jerseys–gold numbered jerseys for home and blue numbered for away. They kept their gold helmet and pants, but also introduced a new white helmet with an uncomplimentary stripe on it.
  • Louisville
    • Louisville upgraded to Adidas’ new A1 template and introduced a new wing design for their jerseys. The shoulder numbers are in an awkward place. Above the waist there is also a circle of stars that are in the Louisville City flag.
  • Miami (FL)
    • After the U changed to classic jerseys last year, they kept them in their transition over to the new A1 template. For their season opener they unveiled a special jersey in collaboration with Parley. About 70% of the jersey is made from recycled ocean plastic. I love the idea but the jerseys themselves are kind of boring.
  • NC State
    • After years of rather simple uniforms, the Wolfpack brought the shoulder stripes from their third jersey last season in their update to the adidas A1 template. Above the waist they added the North Carolina Flag. NC State will get new uniforms next with their updated typeface.
  • Virginia
    • After having some rather plain uniforms, the Cavaliers put a double stripe on all of their uniform. Another cool detail is that the notches on the number match the V in their logo.
  • Virginia Tech
    • The Hokies are no strangers to uniform redesigns, after a few years of having classy UCLA stripes on their shoulders. Recently they added a stripe to their helmet that didn’t match the helmet and it always bothered me. This year, VT designed new shoulder stripes that are different than ever seen before but I personally really like them.


  • Iowa State
    • After years of classic, but kind of cookie-cutter uniforms, Iowa State redesigned and added black to its uniforms. The font has weird swirls that are supposed to make it look like a cyclone but it doesn’t work for me. They also added a monochrome black alternate uniform. I don’t hate the idea but some red and gold would really help it.
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma became the third team to use the Jordan brand logo on their jersey this year. With the change they unveiled a new typeface, font, and an update OU logo for their helmet. They also updated their “Roughrider” alternate jerseys to the Vapor Untouchable template. With the change they lost the spikes coming out the sleeve and the pants changed to a more traditional stripe design. I like everything about the redesign except for the font.
  • West Virginia
    • They really need a redesign but they updated their template from the Elite 51 to the Vapor Untouchable. The only change was losing the armpit panels.

Big 10

  • Illinois
    • Illinois simplified their uniforms this season. They had great uniforms for the past few seasons but took away all the stripes and outlines. They’re designed to replicate the uniforms Dick Butkus wore, but I think they look pretty bad.
  • Indiana
    • With their change to the A1 template they added subtle candy stripes to their sleeve caps and pants. I love this, it’s something original that they should always have. They also changed the “Indiana” to “Hoosiers” on the front of their jerseys.
  • Iowa
    • The Hawkeyes have started using the font that the rest of their athletics teams use and it has been used on previous alternate uniforms. They also updated to the Vapor Untouchable template.
  • Maryland
    • Maryland made subtle changes to their uniforms. They removed the black striped from their shoulders and pants. Maryland also swapped the Maryland flag on their pants with their Logo. On the helmet they removed the “Maryland” from the back.
  • Minnesota
    • PJ Fleck has redesigned the Golden Gophers to reflect his “Row The Boat” motto. The Golden Gophers unveiled a new maroon, white and grey uniforms. All the jerseys use a pattern that is mainly made up of boat oars and compasses. They have a marron and white helmet that have an oar as their stripe. They also unveiled a new gold chrome uniform. These are probably my least favorite new unifoms. They are completely centered on the coach and don’t give attention to the program at all.
  • Nebraska
    • No huge changes, but the Huskers updated to the A1 template and eliminated the stripe on their red pants.
  • Purdue
  • Rutgers
    • After switching to Adidas, Rutgers had rather bland jerseys. This year they updated to the A1 template and added sleeve stripes. Not a huge fan after having a great look with Nike these uniforms look like a Wisconsin rip off.


  • Notre Dame
    • The Yankees Fighting Irish are playing in Yankees Stadium this year for their Shamrock Series game against Syracuse. For the game they introduced Jerseys that are meant to replicate the New York Yankees iconic pinstripe uniform. I personally hate this. Notre Dame has one of the most iconic brands in sports and this just feels like a lame attention grab. These uniforms do not like like the Irish at all and I’m sure plenty of their fans are not Yankees fans, so they can’t be happy with this.

Pac 12

  • Arizona State
    • With Herm Edwards coming in, he was not impressed with their uniforms. With their change to the Adidas A1 template they removed their pitchfork stripes and added a sublimated Arizona flag on the chest of the jerseys.
  • Oregon
    • The original uniform innovators are back with four new designs–green, yellow, white, and black. The designs of the actual uniform are blank but that is overshadowed by huge numbers. I’m not a fan. They also brought back the wing designs on the helmet, which I love.
  • Stanford
    • Made a small change by adding a black outline to the numbers of their jersey.


  • Arkansas
    • The Razorbacks updated to the Vapor Untouchable template. They removed the “tusks” from the front and connected the striped to the top of the pants. This is the best Arkansas has looked in years.
  • Florida
    • The Gators were the fourth team to wear the Jordan logo. Their design did not change at all, however.
  • Ole Miss
    • Ole Miss fully bought into the “Land Shark” motto and introduced a white helmet to complete a “white shark” look for third season opener against Texas Tech.
  • Mississippi State
    • No major changes, but they switched to the new A1 template, you can see a side-by-side of their changes here.
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee
    • Jeremy Pruitt has come in and made the Vols look extremely traditional. They eliminated the checkerboard from their striping, which is a real shame. They also dropped their “smoky grey” alternate jerseys.
  • Texas A&M
    • The Aggies updated to the A1 template, and that’s it.



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