Does Dwayne Haskins have what it takes to bring home a National Championship? High School Senior George Economus thinks So!

By George Economus

While watching Ohio State’s home opener, I noticed 3 things: OSU’s receiving corps is very talented, they might have the best pair of running backs in the nation (and a few freshmen who looked very good), and that Dwayne Haskins is a straight up stud. This sums up what could be the best offense in college football this year and possibly one of the best offenses in Ohio State history. But will it be enough to overcome Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, or Georgia?

I know that their offense just trampled a mediocre Oregon State team, but I thought Dwayne Haskins showed us a stronger and more accurate arm than that of JT Barrett. On top of that, I thought he made better decisions as well. Most of his incompletions were just barely off or dropped, and his interception seemed to be his only bad decision of the day.

I also thought he did a better job of incorporating his receivers. Last year, I felt JT didn’t involve KJ Hill, Terry McLaurin, or Austin Mack enough. Yesterday, they each had over 65 ¬†receiving yards and McLaurin had 2 touchdowns.

Finally, I think Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day have a much better offense installed for Haskins. Last year, I felt as though Kevin Wilson’s offense just didn’t fit JT’s style of play. Yesterday though, Ohio State’s offense looked unstoppable.

The one concern I have about this team is their defense. They somehow allowed Oregon State to score 31 points on them. Their d-line looked amazing, but their linebackers and defensive backs did not. It is going to be interesting to watch this team and Dwayne Haskins going forward; I do think that they have the potential to dominate over the next few years.


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