The Kaepernick Ad has tapped into the Minds of Generation Z and Nike’s Stock is Soaring! Griffin Hill Explains Why This is a Defining Move for the Future of Nike Worldwide.

By Griffin Hill

As I am sure the majority of the country has seen, Nike launched a controversial video starring Colin Kaepernick for the 30th anniversary of their “JUST DO IT” ad campaign. I will deliver my opinion on the situation, but first, to remind everyone of what caused people across the country to burn their Nike sneakers and president Trump to routinely turn to twitter to bash the brand; here is the full length commercial:

First and foremost, this was genius by Nike. The political anger shown over social media or on television has been predominately expressed by republicans and pre-millennial people. My point in saying this is that this group of people that are up in arms about Nike’s message, for whatever their personal reasoning is, aren’t the demographic that Nike is choosing to lean on headed forward into the next decade.

2020 will mark an important year for many companies and is a true turning point of the century. Nike is the first company I have seen that is blatantly reconstructing their company to sell product to the next generation of young minds and consumers. The mindset of change, dreaming big, and speaking your mind, are all three general characteristics of the younger generations. Young people are uniting their minds to bring  new political and social opinions into the world, and Collin Kaepernick was the PERFECT face of the campaign showing Nike is on their side.

Whether you believe in what Collin Kaepernick stands for, and no matter what you think of him as a person; it is factual that he speaks his mind and doesn’t wavier his beliefs because of other people’s criticism. These are prime characteristics of the demographic that Nike just caught the attention of: Generation Z…

Notice I say generation Z and not millennials. This is because millennials are not the future! They are already transitioning into the NOW, and are more split as an “era.” Nike has realized that, and also notices that generation Z, the next wave of consumers, is more united as a generation. Generation Z wants worldwide change.

Hopefully dreaming big and taking action about those dreams will prove to be a perfect two fold persona to describe generation Z. Nike made a bold statement, and more precisely, a decision to be a worldwide supporter of the new wave of minds.

More ads of this nature will arise in the next 2-3 years and Nike will make it known they were present from the jump, but their genius behind this campaign goes well beyond the generational pitch…

Collin Kaepernick has angered many people; most of whom feel that he disrespected the national anthem. While this may be relevant in the United States, Nike is a global company. Remember that 55% of Nike’s business comes from outside the U.S, and that this commercial launched worldwide. Frankly, extremely few people outside of the United States are going to feel bothered by Kaepernick’s past decisions and will see this video purely for its “dream big” vision, which was displayed perfectly.

The proof is in the pudding. Since the Kaepernick Ad launched, Nike’s stock has rose to an all time high: $85.00 per share. In the next 6-9 months I expect this stock to continue to climb, as it has been alongside Lululemon as the most successful apparel stock this year. By this time next year don’t be surprised to see Nike’s stock near the $110 mark!

Sports Regime itself is held up by young minds and is focused on reaching them, so I absolutely love Nike’s promotion. Everyone should dream big, no matter your age. Nike had an opportunity to shape a campaign to fit the attitude of a new generation of consumers. Long story short… they capitalized. I cannot wait to see what’s next.


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