It’s the Warriors’ League and We are All just Living In It

It was assumed that the Golden State Warriors would be the best team in the league again.  It was assumed that they would hit a crazy amount of threes, and run everyone else out of the gym.  It was even assumed that Curry, Klay, and Durant would have crazy nights from the floor where they would drop 50.  And even with all our prior knowledge on how good the Golden State Warriors were, they might still be exceeding expectations.

It’s been a busy start to the season for the Warriors.  Just last Wednesday we witnessed Steph Curry hang 51 points up against the Washington Wizards.  Then two days later we watched as Kevin Durant dropped 41 in MSG verse the Knicks.  Finally, this past Monday, Klay Thompson put on a show against the Bulls putting up 52 points in just 29 minutes, breaking the single game three point record, connecting on 14 threes.  That record beat teammate Steph Curry’s record that he set back in 2016.

The Warriors are putting up crazy numbers on offense every night; they lead the league in scoring offense, averaging 124 points per game.  Against the Bulls they recorded all-star game type numbers, scoring 149 points in the game and an astounding 92 in the first half.  The league is in the middle of its highest league wide scoring average in 49 years, which just favors the Warriors even more.  The Warriors were one of the first teams to start the fast-paced, three point shooting trend in todays NBA, and they still do it the best out of anyone.

Steph Curry is having another MVP type season.  He is averaging a league leading 32.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 5.5 assists per game while shooting 54% from the field and 51% from three.  Right behind him is his teammate Kevin Durant who is sixth in the league in scoring with 28.3 ppg on a crazy 56% from the field.  Throw in Klay who was shooting just 14% from three until he dropped 52 on Monday, and Draymond Green, one of the best all around players in the league.  In addition to this already stacked lineup, they are still waiting for DeMarcus Cousins to return to the court from injury.

The Warriors are a well oiled machine that just keeps knocking down whoever dares to get in their way.  They are already 7-1, giving them the best record in the western conference, and they are not looking back.  If the Warriors have competition this season we are not aware of it.  The Rockets, who almost beat the Warriors in the western conference finals last year, have started just 1-5.  The Lakers have been a disappointment so far, they are only 2-5.  In the east, the top three teams are intriguing, but the Celtics struggle to score consistently, and the Bucks and Raptors are very unproven in the playoffs.  All this makes for bad news for all the Warrior haters out there.  The 2018-19 Warriors are winning the championship barring catastrophic injury.


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