Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Month: January 2019

What Justin Fields’ Transfer Means for Ohio State

It’s official. After nearly a month of rumors, Justin Fields is leaving Georgia and transferring to Ohio State. Fields’ decision obviously has many implications for the entire college football landscape, but especially for Ohio State. Here are the three biggest: Continue Reading!


Alabama-Clemson Part IV

This Monday, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers will play each other in the College Football Playoff for the fourth straight year, and for the third year with the National Championship at stake. This is a matchup that many people were expecting in the offseason, and it should be no surprise that expectations have turned into reality as these are by far the two best teams in college football. With that being said, let’s take a look at what should be yet another exciting showdown between the Tide and the Tigers. Continue Reading!

Lamar Jackson Leads the Ravens to the Postseason

Week 17 of the NFL resulted in heartbreak, agony, and triumph for many teams battling for a playoff berth. When the dust cleared, three teams were able to do enough to clinch playoff spots, and three other teams had their seasons come to an end on their own home fields. One of those teams to clinch a spot is the Baltimore Ravens, led by rookie quarterback, Lamar Jackson. Continue Reading!