2019 NFL Draft Profile: Marquise Brown

Marquise Brown

Born: June 4th, 1997 (21 years old)
Height: 5’9
Weight: 166 Lbs
Position: Wide Receiver
University: Oklahoma

About Marquise

     Marquise Brown was born in Hollywood, Florida, and has been one of the best college receivers over the past few seasons. Hollywood has the NFL in his DNA, as his cousin is actually Antonio Brown, one of the best wide receivers ever to play in the league. It hasn’t always been a walk in the park though, Brown had first attend College Of Canyons in California in order to become academically eligible for Oklahoma. He and Baker Mayfield instantly clicked, allowing Brown to catch 57 passes for 1,095 yards and seven touchdowns. Marquise was blessed with having yet another Heisman winning quarterback in Kyler Murray to throw him the ball, as he would go to replace the now NFL starting quarterback. Brown and Murray would connect for 75 catches, 1,318 yards, and 10 touchdowns. His junior season stat line earned him First Team All-American honors, as well as First Team Big-12 honors. In the new aged NFL, Brown will fuse nicely with the fast paced offenses seen now. With comparisons from DeSean Jackson, John Ross, and even Tyreek Hill, I can’t wait to see Marquise perform on Sundays.

Strengths & Weaknesses


     Marquise might have not been able to participate in the NFL Combine, but we didn’t need him to for us to know about his speed. Brown was one of the fastest straight line wide receivers in college football last year, and paired that nicely with elite level agility. This combination makes him a threat as soon as the ball is snapped, and is about as explosive of a playmaker as the come. After the catch, it is very tough to catch someone with the traits like Brown, and projects to be a great receiver with the ball in his hands.


His biggest weakness isn’t very hard to spot, and that would be his frame. Brown came into the NFL Combine at 5’9, and weighed in at 166 pounds. He has stated that he believes he can be closer to 175 once able to resume lower body workouts. You obviously would worry how he will fair against physical NFL corners, and if he could escape them from jamming him at the line of scrimmage. He has battled injuries for the past year now, and a foot procedure kept him from participating in the NFL Combine.

NFL Draft Projection/ NFL Comp

NFL Draft Projection

     Before his foot surgery, Brown looked like an easy 1st round selection. Now after having to miss the combine, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t hear his name called till the early 2nd round. I think it is very likely that if Brown slides into the 2nd round, he won’t last long. I think the Indianapolis Colts (34th) would be a great fit for Marquise Brown. They have the New York Jets 2nd round pick, and would be smart to finally give Luck another receiver outside of T.Y. Hilton.

NFL Comparison

     A lot of people are quick to compare Brown to a player like John Ross, but I see a lot more than that. No shots at Ross, but I believe Brown will develop more into a receiver, compared to John Ross who is considered as just a speed mismatch. I see a lot of Brandin Cooks, a player that not just can burn you on a streak, but also someone who can take a simple drag route to the house.


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