The Anti-Media Era in the NBA

When it comes to answering the media’s questions, no one has been more annoyed than Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this NBA season. Their post game interviews have been intense, to say the least, and you never know what will happen. Yes, the free agency chatter is getting to everyone, just ask the Lakers, but it’s deeper than that for these two.

They are taking a stand! There are some guys who would just prefer to show up, play basketball and leave. Always having to answer questions about their personal life and decisions they make can be overwhelming. Talking to the media and having to answer certain questions is definitely something that some would prefer not to do, but for Kyrie, it goes beyond that. As he entered the arena for Sunday’s matchup against the visiting Houston Rockets, Irving says “I’m not going to miss any of this s___ when I’m done playing.” He was referring to all of the pre game glitz and glam as the players arrive. And after the game, he decided to keep it short with his post game comments. At this point it’s clear that he’s very disinterested in any pre or post game interactions and you can tell; he’s just doing it because it’s mandatory. Imagine if a player could decline talking to the media without being penalized? There are some players who would never speak before or after games. But that’s not the case, so we see players taking matters into their own hands. As if his confrontation with Draymond Green didn’t get enough coverage from the media in the beginning of the season, Kevin Durant would also have to deal with those agitating free agency questions. As the rumors got louder, KD’s frustration increased. He once abruptly left his post game media session, refusing to take any more questions. Can you say frustrated? It seems to be easier for players when they find a way to make it fun, but the more stand-offish you are, the more they will grill you. The media has a job to do too! Breaking that story and being able to get the news to the fans is a must but it’s starting to take a toll on some of the players mentally.

What’s the happy medium? There is none. The media is going to continue to do it’s job, asking those tough questions and being persistent. Unfortunately, when you make millions, travel the world, and you’re considered to be the best in the world to do what you do, you have people who want to know more and more about you. Yes, it’s irritating to be asked the same question over and over again, in different ways, but, on the flip side, it’s also entertaining to see a person visibly upset but trying to be as professional as possible. Add social media to the mix, and you can certainly understand why some of these players are growing more and more frustrated with all things media. It’s non-stop and it feels like there’s no escaping it! You have journalists writing about you, analysts talking about you, and fans commenting on everything you do too. It won’t surprise me if more players walk out or have less to say. For them, enough is enough, but for the media and fans, you signed up for this and it’s a part of your job!


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