2019 NFL Draft Profile: Greg Little

Greg Little

Born: November 4th, 1997 (22 years old)
Height: 6’5
Weight: 310 Lbs
Position: Offensive Tackle
University: Ole Miss

About Greg

       Greg Little was a part of Allen’s crazy run from ‘12-’15, and was one of the nations most coveted recruits in 2015. That is why it was perfect for him to go to Ole Miss, and succeed one of the most coveted offensive tackles in the country, Laremy Tunsil. Once landing in Oxford, Little was immediately thrown into the battlefield, checking into every game he played as a Rebel. By his sophomore year, he was a full time starter, and performing magnificently at his position. In ‘17 he was named All-SEC Second Team  and followed it up with an All-SEC First Team bid this past season. In ‘18 the Rebels offense was deadly, leading the SEC in total offensive yards and ranking 5th across the entire nation.  In October of last season, Greg Little helped block for a Rebel’s offense that put up 826 yards against ULM, which is the 2nd most yards ever recorded by an SEC offense. Later that month, Little continued his great blocking, helping Jordan Ta’amu’s 528 total yard performance, which is the 2nd most total yards by a player in school history. Ole Miss has been pushing out a lot of NFL talent, and Greg Little could be one of the better prospects produced from Oxford, Mississippi. One lucky quarterback is most likely going to be smiling when he knows Little has been drafted to guard his pocket.

Strengths & Weaknesses


        Contradictory to his name, Little has prototypical height and weight for the  tackle position. He is a great athlete for his size, and has speed and quickness to play left tackle. Little’s athleticism advances him in his pass and run blocking, and it allows him to follow his defender with ease. In his tape against Miss St. is the perfect example of how he can keep up with elite speed as he did very good against Montez Sweat.


       Little isn’t a nasty offensive lineman that will knock his defender off the ball. After a few punches into the snap, sometimes you can see him get lazy and his base will worsen throughout the play. Being 6’5 can make it hard to stay low and use your leverage against the defender, and Little shows this sometimes. There are plays where he will pop off the ball, and be nearly standing while adjusting his hands.

NFL Draft Projection/NFL Comp

NFL Draft Projection

       There are plenty of teams with new young quarterbacks who could benefit greatly from the talents Greg Little offers. 14 of the top 16 picks in the draft could use Little as an upgrade, which is why he will most likely be gone in the top 12 picks. I believe Cincinnati would not pass on Little if he falls to them at 11th. Zac Taylor should know the best way to improve your quarterback is to not have him getting knocked around and breaking his thumb. The Bengals have made good moves in the past few drafts, but are still missing a dominant tackle to keep the pocket clean.

NFL Comparison

       There were a few people that came to mind when thinking of an NFL comparison for Greg Little, but I think Daryl Williams is the closest player in the NFL with his skill set. Though I think Little underperformed mightily at the NFL Combine, they both pumped out similar numbers. They both are big bodied athletic offensive tackles that best project on the right side at the NFL level.  Williams biggest down fall has been his problems with injury, as he had battle lower leg issues for his young career. With Little having no injury bug currently, the only person keeping him from being a top tier tackle in a few years would be himself.


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