Should The Dolphins Draft A QB This Year or Next?

The Miami Dolphins are hitting the rebuild button and trying to find success in any way possible, but the big question this offseason is what the Dolphins want to do in the draft. Well I’m going to dig deep down into this sticky situation and solve the problem for the Miami Dolphins organization.

So, to start off there are 3 quarterbacks that I would like to see the Dolphins take: Kyler Murray, Drew Lock, or Will Grier. If Lock and Murray are off the board at 13 DO NOT pick Grier at 13, get a defensive or offensive lineman, which have been the two worst and inconsistent parts of this Dolphins team the past few years. Draft to build around your future QB that you will get in next year’s draft, whether it be Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert or any others. Guaranteed if you could take one of the greats at throwing on the run like Aaron Rodgers and put him behind last year’s offensive line he would not find success.

I personally prefer Drew Lock over Kyler Murray because of size concerns and because he has spent more time as a starting QB at the college level. Experience is vital when picking a QB who will know what to do in close game situations and has the maturity to lead a team.

So, if indeed Grier is the only one of those 3 quarterbacks available at 13, then tank this season, get a pick around the top of the draft and choose the right guy to be the leader of this franchise that has been mediocre for far too long.


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