Sports Regime’s Exclusive 1 on 1 with Oregon State Basketball Commit Julien Franklin

I had the opportunity to get to know a player that college basketball fans need to know the name of for the next four years. Julien Franklin is a back to back Crestview MVP, state finalist, and regional champion from Villa Park, California. He also holds the record for Villa Park points in one game… WITH 52. He received 5 division one offers, and has chosen to continue his basketball career in the PAC 12 as an Oregon State Beaver.


My basketball career started at a very young age of 5, but I took football a lot more serious as a kid. I didn’t start taking basketball seriously until the 7th grade when I quit football. Everyday my brother and I would train with my dad and older players that are in highschool and college. I’d say this is what molded me into becoming an elite player.

I was interested to see whether his experience playing high school basketball or all his time put into AAU proved to be more valuable. Here is what he had to say:

AAU was way more beneficial because I got exposure to college coaches and played against the best players in the country, but I think high school is important as well because it teaches you the fundamentals, how to play defense, and how to be an efficient player within an offense.

The debate between AAU vs high school basketball is a popular one, but kids seem to lean towards AAU because of the constant tournament atmosphere, high scoring games, and mostly, the exposure. It doesn’t surprise me a player like Julien thinks along similar lines.

I just wanted to get to know Julien a little bit. I asked about his role models, hoping to learn who helped mold him into the player he is today.

The ones who pushed me the most to become the player I am today is my father, my high school coaches, AJ Gaspora (my trainer), and Jerren Shipp, an ex Pac-12 player and former professional basketball player overseas.

He also shared his thoughts on Music with me.

Music is one thing I really love to listen to and it gets me through the days most of the time. I like listening to some new trap music like Lil Baby and Gunna, but I enjoy all kinds of music. I listen to RnB, soul, and reggae, so pretty much the whole spectrum.

(Can’t go wrong with Baby and Gunna.)

As a future Beaver, I’m sure it isn’t fun seeing the current team struggle in the PAC 12 and miss the NCAA tournament again. Here is how Julien weighed in on that:

OSU has been going in an uphill trend ever since Coach Tinkle and their staff have joined the program. My goal is to give it my all and get us to the tournament in my time there.

Lastly, I want to pass on Julien’s message to young players around the country. This is something I will start giving all the players I interview a chance to do. I think lots of players have valuable opinions to share, whether it is about the game they play or simply anything else they are passionate about. Julien Franklin’s is a message young players should take note of.

Keep working hard and listen to the people that have their best interest in you. DON’T let distractions off the court hinder your game on the court.



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