The Dodgers Didn’t Win The Name-Game, But They May Win The World Series

It’s true, the Dodgers failed to sign Bryce Harper. Sure they also let Manny Machado go. But what does that mean for the 2019-2020 Dodgers?

Corey Seager returns.

For the first time in eight years, Clayton Kershaw will not be on the mound for the beginning of this nation’s unofficial summer holiday. On top of that, we’ll have to wait (at least) another year for Walker Buehler’s first opening day start. Not even the savvy and firey Rich Hill will start. Hyun Gin Ryu will be, as of now, the opening day starter. I say, no big deal.

Why is it ok for the Ace and the co-Ace to begin this season as injury list? Because the Dodgers have not won the world series in the eight years that Clayton Kershaw was the best pitcher in the majors. Don’t get me wrong, Clayton Kershaw is worth every penny (and more) that he has made while wearing the LA cap. What gives me hope is the return of the future Captain, Corey Seager.

Seager is the future of this team. Sure Cody Bellinger has the gifable home runs. But nobody has mastered quiet leadership like Seager. The addition of Kike Hernandez to the everyday lineup will finally solidify his position giving the Dodgers’ middle infield offensive reliability with defensive stability.

Youth will lead the Dodgers this upcoming season with veterans helping to ground and guide them. With an improved bullpen and a more situated starting lineup, it’s easy to see this team winning an NL West against the rebuilding Giants and Diamondbacks, the up-and-coming Rockies, and well the Padres. Will it be enough to fight the overpowered American League? Only time will tell. But I am confident that the talent nurtured by Andrew Friedman will overcome the checkbook of the Phillies and the youth of the Braves.

Dodgers fans, please breathe deep, buy yourself another Dodger Dog, and enjoy this season. It won’t be as magical as 2017, but it will be much more satisfying in the end. Let’s all just watch the young grow into all-stars and the old into Hall of Famers. It’ll be worth the wait.


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