The New York Giants NEED to draft Dwayne Haskins

It’s no secret that New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, is nearing the end of his career. While Manning, 38, will be the Giants starter for the 2019 season, his playing days are numbered. With that in mind, will the Giants pick Manning’s successor in next month’s draft?

The answer to that question should be yes and the Giants should draft Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins. The Giants were at Haskins’s Pro Day on Thursday after having dinner with him the night before. Haskins made a good impression.

“He’s an impressive young man,” Giants coach Pat Shurmur told Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “It was excellent. We obviously have spent a lot of time evaluating him, and this is one piece of it. We got the chance to work with him on the board and take him to dinner, and he certainly is an accomplished and impressive young man.’’

Shurmur added, “Just watch him throw. The important thing about Pro Days, in general, is you come to his school, you get to see how he interacts with his teammates, get to talk to the people that have worked with him.’’

Haskins grew up in Highland Park, N.J. says it’s a blessing to be considered by a team close to his hometown and that it would be a dream come true if he were to play for the Giants.

The Giants aren’t the only team that interested in Haskins. He has meetings scheduled with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and Washington Redskins, according to Adam Maya of

Last year the Giants decided to draft running back Saquon Barkley in the first round instead of a quarterback who could be Manning’s replacement. They can’t do that this year. Manning can no longer play at a high level. Last year he threw for 4,299 yards (ranked ninth in NFL), 21 touchdowns (tied for 17th), had 11 interceptions (tied for 15th), and a quarterback rating of 51.6 (25th). Manning has struggled for the last couple of seasons and will most likely struggle again in 2019.

The time has come for the Giants to get a new quarterback. They can’t wait any longer. They need to draft Haskins because he has impressed the Giants already and he has a good chance of becoming a franchise caliber player.


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