Analyzing the New York Giants Draft Pick of Daniel Jones

After deciding to draft running back Saquon Barkley last year, the New York Giants now have a replacement for 38-year old quarterback Eli Manning. On the first day of the NFL Draft on Thursday, the Giants drafted Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman didn’t want to wait to get Jones, because he was afraid that Jones wouldn’t be available if he had waited.

“You never know,” Gettleman told Jordan Raanan of ESPN. “I was not willing to risk it.”

The Giants drafting Jones was a bad move. Even though the Giants drafted a quarterback, Manning is still expected to be their quarterback for the 2019 season. That means that Jones won’t play until at least the 2020 season unless Manning gets hurt.

“The goal is for Eli to be our quarterback,” Gettleman said. “Maybe we’re going to be the Green Bay model, where [Aaron] Rodgers sat for three years. Who knows? It’s one of those deals where it doesn’t make a difference what position it is. You can never have too many good players at one position.”

Last season Jones threw for 2,647 yards with 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also rushed for 319 yards and three touchdowns. Jones has a connection with Manning through Duke coach David Cutcliffe, who was Eli and Peyton Manning’s coach in college. Cutcliffe has said that Jones reminds him of both Manning brothers.

Maybe that’s why the Giants selected Jones and addition to believe in him.

“It’s a wonderful thing when need and value match,” Gettleman told Raanan. We’re thrilled to get Daniel. He was up there with everybody else on our board in terms of value. He is just perfect for us. We really believe in this kid. We really believe he’s gonna be a nice — not a nice — a real quality quarterback for us, for our franchise.”

While the Giants believe in Jones, Giants fans don’t like the fact that Big Blue drafted Jones. People reacted to the Giants drafting Jones negatively on Twitter. NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms told SNY that he doesn’t think that Jones should have been a first-round pick.

“I’m going to be honest with you: Daniel Jones, for my money, is not worth a top 10 pick. I don’t really know if Daniel Jones is really a first-round quarterback. As far as where I ranked him at the quarterback position, I believe I made him the sixth-best quarterback in the NFL Draft this year. So I have issues with that, but it doesn’t matter what I think.”

Whether or not Jones was a top ten pick or not, he wasn’t the best quarterback in the draft. Dwayne Haskins was the best quarterback in the draft. Haskins grew up in New Jersey and would have loved to play for his home team of the Giants. Instead, he got drafted by the Washington Redskins and isn’t happy about it.

“I’m more motivated than ever, there’s a bigger chip on my shoulder, the league done messed up,” Haskins told John Keim of ESPN. “I’m right down the street, so we’re going to do it right this time. So it’s crazy.”

There is no question that Haskins will want to beat the Giants when he plays against them. While the Giants might not have made a bad decision by drafting Barkley last year, they definitely made a bad decision this year by drafting Jones.


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