Can the Hawks Find Their Wings?

The NBA draft is right around the corner and the Atlanta Hawks just are due two top 10 picks this year barring a trade. The Hawks just about got the worst-case scenario for their lottery pick but on the good side, they acquired the Mavs pick from last year’s draft night trade blockbuster deal between Luka Doncic. and Trae Young. Nevertheless, they will be picking 8 and 10. The play of Trae Young greatly eases the pain of the lottery picks due to his tremendous passing ability so just about anyone chosen should fit right in. This draft is looked upon as weaker one but only time will truly tell. With that being said the safest direction in this draft seems to just be best player available. Through mock draft simulator, I have the Hawks double dipping at the wing position with Cam Reddish and Jarrett Culver. (You can see full draft below)

Through many mocks over the internet it seems Culver is unlikely to drop that far but if he does it could be a steal for the Hawks. Jarrett is a deceiving 6’5 with 6’9.5″ wingspan. He looks much taller and longer than his measurements suggest, regardless Culvers size makes him vary imposing on defense and one of the key reasons Texas Tech made it to the NCAA championship where unfortunately he ran into a shooting slump. Trae Young would alleviate that immediately taking pressure of Culver and he wouldn’t have to rely so much on getting his own shot. Also, both were born in Lubbock Texas and the potential synergy is already radiating here in Atlanta.

On to Mr.Reddish. Cam Reddish is coming off what many people call a disappointing college campaign but when your teammates are Zion Williamson and RJ Barret you almost have no choice but to take a backseat. His role at Duke was just about regulated to being a spot up shooter when he’s much more. I believe it came down to a confidence issue with Cam. A thriving system in Atlanta could be the cure for Cam. In an offense that thrives on spacing and a greater role should be with the doctor ordered. If youre afraid of there not being enough touches to go around I can say I would be afraid to… if Atlanta didn’t have a pass first point guard. Many thought Traes shooting would be what set him apart from his draftmates although it still is, its his passing that will continue to be the foundation of the Hawks success. Taurean Prince is most likely not long for the Haws roster but Kevin Huerter could still be a nice fallback just incase either come up short which at the very least give Atlanta a strong rotation.




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