Sat. May 25th, 2019

Alec Kreger

Will Free Throws Decide The NBA MVP Award?

One of the most beneficial skills that a basketball player can have is the ability to get to the foul line. Elite scorers in the modern NBA have the ability to draw contact and get to the charity stripe when their team needs to slow the pace of the game or get a quick 2 points to stop a momentum swing.

James Harden is today’s king of getting to the line. Averaging 11 free-throw attempts per game, Harden converts 88% of the time on his foul shots. While Harden has openly said “I don’t try to get fouls, I just play. Fouls come,” in an ESPN interview, he clearly seems to have a lot of foul drawing moves in his bag of tricks. Something, however, that grinds my gears are fans who try to discredit the historical season Harden is having because of his high free throw attempt totals.



It’s…Basketball Time In Tennessee?

Tell me the last time you heard a SEC fan talk about the University of Tennessee recently other than to yap about how they have a terrible football team? First off, we’re working on the football thing okay! Second, all Tennessee athletics have been known for in the last 30 years are the Lady Vols basketball team (on an extremely smaller scale) and college football. The 2018-2019 season, however, has proved to be a season where the new era of Tennessee athletics will be taking over. This article is going to catch everyone up to speed on how Tennessee Basketball went from something you only watched in March (if they were good enough that season) to now having a legitimate reason for blasting Rocky Top in the spring. Continue Reading!