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What Country/Region Should Be Hosting the World Cup?

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Eli Yankelevich 

I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory in Columbus, Ohio and an avid Atlanta Hawks fan. Most of my work revolves around current situations and drama around the NBA.


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I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory in Columbus, Ohio. I mainly write about college and NFL football, but can write about all sports. Growing up i always had a passion for sports, and quickly became obsessed. You can reach me through twitter or email:

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Chase Albanese

I am a senior at Bishop Hartley in Columbus, Ohio. I am committed to play division 3 basketball at Heidelberg University. I’ve grown up an athlete, but have also watched sports my whole life. I specialize in writing about soccer, mainly premier league, but can cover a wide array of topics.


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I am at Bishop Watterson in Columbus, Ohio. I primarily write about soccer, specifically the European domestic leagues as well as Champion’s League. My twitter should keep you updated on all of my work.


Dastan Haghanazari – 17

I am currently a Senior at St. Charles Preparatory in Columbus, Ohio.


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Ryan Herbert – 18

I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a business major. Growing up, sports were always a huge part of my life and a huge interest of mine.  I love sharing my passion of sports through writing and I hope to inspire others to embrace their passions.


Zach Hampu – 14

I’m a freshman at St. Charles Preparatory in Columbus, Ohio. I play baseball and basketball in Columbus but closely follow baseball, basketball, and football. My allegiance lies with the Indians, Raiders, Cavs, and Ohio State Buckeyes. Sports journalism is a big passion of mine and college basketball is definitely my specialty.


MJ vs. LeBron- Off the Court edition

By Charlie Hackett

Air Jordan or The King?  Although hundreds of millions debate on whether or not LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan within the confines of a 94 by 50-foot wood floor, most people often overlook the competition between the two in respect to their cultural and economic impact.

Now I know it may seem like Jordan is far ahead of LeBron in these aspects if you make this argument based on the present.  But keep in mind MJ is 22 years older and therefor has had more time to accumulate money and build up his Jordan Brand empire, while LeBron is still playing in the latter part of his prime.  After all, it wouldn’t be fair to solve the debate of MJ vs. LeBron on the court by facing a 55-year-old Jordan against a 33-year-old James. Read Full Article Here!

Why the NBA Will Rule the Sports World

By Charlie Hackett

The National Basketball Association has constantly grown in revenue since its birth in 1946.  It is now at an all-time popularity peak, and not just in the U.S.  The NBA is increasingly growing in international coverage and attention partly due to the increase in number of international players entering the league.  In the season of 91-92, the NBA featured only 23 international players from 18 countries.  Now, recorded on opening day of this season, the international player numbers have skyrocketed to 108 players across 42 different countries.

So what?   Well, due to this growth in international numbers, the television ratings for the NBA have stretched all across the world.  The NBA finals have turned into a global event, which featured 265 journalists from 35 different countries during the 2017 year according to Kevin Wang, ESPN.  As a matter of fact, I found my own self watching game 4 of the most recent finals in a hotel lobby in London, England, at 3:00 A.M. accompanied by a crowd of other tourists, most of which were European.  That was the first time that I truly understood the global stretch of influence that the sport had. Read Full Article Here!