Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

D.H. DaHitwryter

With playoffs looming, Let’s Explore the Dilemmas and Demons Facing the Houston Rockets

If you got excited about the Houston Rockets chances against the Golden State Warriors in last year’s Western Conference finals, you were left heartbroken. Chris Paul suffered another major injury that sidelined him during the playoffs.

For Paul, this was nothing new. This was the same story back in L.A. when he was a Clipper. Ultimately the task of beating Golden State, without CP3, proved to be too much for the Rockets.



The Anti-Media Era in the NBA

When it comes to answering the media’s questions, no one has been more annoyed than Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this NBA season. Their post game interviews have been intense, to say the least, and you never know what will happen. Yes, the free agency chatter is getting to everyone, just ask the Lakers, but it’s deeper than that for these two.