Dastan Haghnazari

Top Waiver Wire Prospects for Week 6 (PPR and Regular)

I have examined the best waiver claims and players you should snag, starting from the…


TimberWolves Playoff Throes

Despite Butler’s injury late in the season, Minnesota still found a way to sneak into the playoffs with a close win over Denver for the eight seed in the West.  Being the eight seed, the Timberwolves had to play against the Houston Rockets (this year’s best team) in the first round. Minnesota was able to pull out one win out of their five game series against Houston, an impressive feat for such a young team.

NBA Mini: The Next Kobe?

A brief analysis of Sophomore Jalen Green. A top ranked player at his position in his state and is second overall in the country. Standing at 6’5”, Green is one of the bigger high school shooting guards whose prolific scoring capabilities are making people draw likenesses to Kobe Bryant.

Top 5 Quarterbacks for the 2018 NFL Draft

The quarterbacks that have declared for the NFL draft this year show a vast array of skills. Some are obvious scramblers comparable to Vick and Newton, others seem to be dual-threat deep passes like Luck or Manziel, and some seem to be pocket passers like Manning or Brady. The variety of quarterbacks also leads to tough choices for teams who are trying to find the correct fit for their system. The top five quarterbacks of the draft show much promise but there is still much mystery surrounding each one.