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Concussions in the NFL Are a Problem. How Can We Fix It?

Concussions are a part of football. As terrible as that sounds, it is the truth. No football player will ever be completely safe from concussions as long as the game is played. However, there are steps that could be taken to more effectively prevent concussions.

My proposition is a rule change that requires every NFL player to wear one of the top three performing helmets. This would not give players options to wear the lower-tier helmets that have been proven to significantly provide less protection than the top tier helmets. If there is no option to wear the lower-tier helmets, there will be a significant decrease in documented concussions in the NFL. The helmets would be tested yearly and the top three would be the only options for the following season.

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The Broncos Secondary. Who is Going to be Where?

After the first two days of the NFL’s free agency period, the unusually large safety FA market is pretty picked over. The 2019 safety FA pool got PAID too. Headlining the group is Landon Collins, who left the New York Giants this week for a massive 6-year, $84 million deal with division rivals Washington Redskins, to tie Tyrann Mathieu’s new contract as the most expensive at the position.

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David Woodward, the Linebacker Everybody Should Know After Electric 2018 Season

Utah State University’s defense finished the season tied for 1st in the nation in turnovers gained (32), scoring 289 points for an average of 22.2 points per game. This may be the best defense ever seen in Cache Valley. With current stars and up-and-coming stars like Tipa Galeai, Chase Christiansen, DJ Williams, Deante Fortenberry, Jontrell Rocquemore, Aaron Wade, and Shaq Bond, the vaunted Aggie defense was feared around the Mountain West. But the most feared Aggie defender this year was redshirt sophomore David Woodward. Woodward stands at 6’2″ and 235 pounds and hits like a freight train. Not only does he hit hard, but he hits everything, seeming to be everywhere on the field, and in on every hit. Continue Reading!