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The Heisman Trophy WILL be in the Hands of One of These Three Quarterbacks

The Heisman Trophy is an award given to the most outstanding college football player in the nation. Traditionally, it has been given to either a quarterback or a running back and I think this year will be no exception. This year we have seen amazing quarterbacks, and I firmly believe that one of these players will be taking home a Heisman trophy: Continue Reading!


George Economus explains What Everyone Needs to know about the NLDS, and delivers Predictions


Colorado Rockies (91-72) vs Milwaukee Brewers (96-67)

Atlanta Braves (90-72) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (92-71)

What You should know for Rockies vs Brewers

  • Both teams were hot in September, winning 19 games each.
  • Brewers have Home field advantage
    • The Rockies are much worse away from Coors Field
      • They bat .287 at home with 119 home runs but only .225 with 91 home runs while away from Coors.
  • Brewers are fresher
    • They had more rest while the Rockies battled the Chicago Cubs in the NL wildcard game.
  • Brewers have a better overall offense

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Does Dwayne Haskins have what it takes to bring home a National Championship? High School Senior George Economus thinks So!

By George Economus

While watching Ohio State’s home opener, I noticed 3 things: OSU’s receiving corps is very talented, they might have the best pair of running backs in the nation (and a few freshmen who looked very good), and that Dwayne Haskins is a straight up stud. This sums up what could be the best offense in college football this year and possibly one of the best offenses in Ohio State history. But will it be enough to overcome Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, or Georgia? Read More Here!