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The Truth and Talent of Lonzo Ball

It irked me, along with many Lakers fans, last year, when Lonzo Ball was labeled a bust. For one it’s unfair to call anybody a bust with only one year of being in the NBA. (even Markelle Fultz) Anyone who dared to call him a bust had a notable lack of basketball knowledge, and clearly didn’t look at his play, or probably just took what the critics said and ran with the notion.

People also took what Ball’s father Lavar Ball said as gold. Lavar was saying things like he could beat Micheal Jordan one on one, Lonzo is better than Stephen Curry, and that Lonzo would lead the Lakers into the playoffs in his first year. Comments like this should be a red flag as to how knowledgeable Lavar is when it comes to the sport of basketball. Still, people decided to go with the narrative that Lonzo was going to come into the league and be the next superstar during his very first season.

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Should Any Team Draft Zion Williamson with the First Pick if Given the Chance?

“1The NBA has possibly never seen someone with Zion Williamson’s gifts. Some people might say LeBron James when he first came into the league is comparable to Williamson, but James didn’t have a vertical leap surpassing 45 inches. Others might mention the likes of Vince Carter, Derrick Rose before the injuries, or Russel Westbrook when trying to find a player that compares to Williamson’s athletic ability. The difference is none of them were 6’7, nor have the aforementioned over 45 inch vertical leap, and none of these players weighed 285 pounds. That’s the thing that is really astonishing about this, Williamson’s weight. If he were in the NBA today he would have the second highest weight in all of the NBA. His second jump is amazing as well, once he hits the ground his 285 pound frame is right back up. Imagine someone weighing 20 pounds more than LeBron with a vertical near 50 inches. That’s scary!

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