Thu. May 23rd, 2019


April MLB recap

Baseball’s first month has concluded and it was a wild month. There were nice surprises,  bad beginnings, and one unusual feat. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of the first month.



The Rays are a Threat in the American League

The Tampa Bay Rays have the best record in baseball early in 2019 and a wave of people still don’t think they have a chance to win the division. With the Yankees and Red Sox getting off to slow starts, the Rays have capitalized and are trying to create a wide gap between those teams in the division race. Do the Rays have a real chance to win the division and compete for a title in 2019?


An Appreciation of Andrelton Simmons

The Angels have 2 of the most dynamic players in baseball: Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. Trout is undisputedly the best player in the game and likely going to be a top 10 player all-time when it’s all said and done. Ohtani is the first player since Babe Ruth, to consistently hit and pitch in the same year. Yet, when people talk about the Angels, Andrelton Simmons is often not in the discussion for the 2nd best player on the team but that’s exactly what he is.


What is happening in New York?

Not even a week into the season and the New York Yankees are making news for the wrong reasons.

The team announced Monday that Giancarlo Stanton was heading to the injury list with a grade 1 bicep strain. Stanton claimed he suffered the injury during an at-bat on Sunday vs. Dylan Bundy; that’s according to reporting by Jack Curry. The Yankees are saying he will be back before May, but other complications have been causing issues for the Bronx Bombers.


Mike Trout: The Best Player Got the Best Contract

Jeff Passan sent out a tweet at 10:14 AM EST on a Tuesday afternoon in March, that stated Mike Trout and the Angels had agreed to a massive 12-year 430-million-dollar contract extension. Trout’s new contract became the biggest in professional sports history. There were a few reports of the Angels and Trout discussing contract extensions, but nothing really seemed to form until today. Let’s breakdown the contract and I’ll try to answer a few questions along the way.