Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Griffin Hill

Week Six of Weekly Picks: All Three Pickers confident in Kentucky Wildcats to Cover on the Road

Oliver Mauntel (30-18-2)

  1. Syracuse -5
  2. LSU -2
  3. Florida State +13.5
  4. Kentucky +5.5
  5. Alabama -35.5
  6. Stanford -4
  7. Texas +7.5
  8. Hawai’i -2.5
  9. Arizona Cardinals +3.5
  10. Cincinnati Bengals -6

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The MLB Playoffs are Here: Here is What Every Playoff Team needs to fix RIGHT NOW!

By Griffin Hill

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox have the offensive power to go the distance this year; no question about it. Sadly for the loyal fans in Boston, the consistent problems in the bullpen may prevent them from any post season accomplishments. While the Sox have over 100 wins on the season with 5 games to play, the only team this season to reach that mark thus far, the bullpen struggles have become even more severe in the 2nd half of the season. The Sox own an MLB worst 12 bullpen blown saves since the All Star break. Time is running out in Boston to fix this issue; the Yankees, Astros, and Indians will surely capitalize on this weakness if it isn’t turned around. See All Teams Here!

Ohio State’s Wide Receivers are the group that can take the Buckeyes to the National Championship!

By Griffin Hill

The Ohio State wide receivers have so many similarities to the 2015 national championship group of receivers; it is actually quite scary. The 2014-15 squad, including Devin Smith and Michael Thomas, weren’t immediate stars; but with hard work became the group of players that crushed the Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon defensive backs to finish their historic season. My point in saying this is that in due time this year’s group will be even better. Read Full Article Here!