Author: Jack Hamrick

Draft Day Steals

By Jack Hamrick

The 2018 NFL Draft was filled with plenty of surprises from top to bottom. Obviously, Baker Mayfield was the first quarterback taken off the board, and Denzel Ward jumped all the way up to fourth, both picks by the Browns. The Saints traded up for what looked to be like a quarterback, but turned out to be a Defensive End from UTSA. Read Full Article Here!


Sophomore Campaigns

By Jack Hamrick

Last year’s NFL season was filled with great, young talent. The youth that the NFL shows us now is a more fun and fast-paced game, drawing in more viewers than ever before, especially from the United Kingdom. The rookies put on quite a show for us football fans last year, but who can keep it going for their second year?

The New Orleans Saints had a bevy of young talent, including the Defensive and Offensive Rookie of the Year, Marshon Lattimore and Alvin Kamara, respectively. Read Full Article Here!

Non-Top 25 Teams That Could Make Some Noise in the Tourney

By Jack Hamrick

Top-tier teams having so many losses says one thing: plenty of teams can do some damage in March. Some teams not only outside the top 25, but the power 5 could write history next week. Although it may be tough for the smaller schools to compete with the Duke’s and Carolina’s of the tournament, let’s see who could make a Cinderella run. See Full Article Here!