Author: Michael Roth

I am Michael Roth a freshmen at the Scripps college of communication at Ohio University. My twitter is @mikerothou and you can follow that to never miss a post. I have played basketball and baseball my entire life and have followed professional and college football and baseball since I was a kid. I will be posting college football and NFL gambling picks on sportsregime and also some other sports related posts.

Week Four College Football Picks: Texas A&M, South Carolina, and Wisconsin among Michael Roth’s Weekly Selections

By Michael Roth

We are back after a 10-4 week to bring me to 23-15 on the season. I am now above 60% in both CFB and the NFL. To get my NFL picks, follow me on twitter (@mikerothou) and listen to my podcast where I not only break down these college games in depth but I also cover every NFL game this week. Read More Here!


Week Three College Football Picks: Duke, South Carolina, and Miami among Michael Roth’s Weekly Selections

By Michael Roth

I got back to winning ways in week 2, going 9-5 in college football, making my season record 13-11. I hope to continue these winning ways in a week 3 slate without many marquee games, but a good amount of closer spread matchups. See All Picks Here!