Wed. Feb 20th, 2019

Michael Roth

I am Michael Roth a freshmen at the Scripps college of communication at Ohio University. My twitter is @mikerothou and you can follow that to never miss a post. I have played basketball and baseball my entire life and have followed professional and college football and baseball since I was a kid. I will be posting college football and NFL gambling picks on sportsregime and also some other sports related posts.

Week Six College Football Picks: Syracuse, Indiana, and Stanford among Michael Roth’s Weekly Selections!

Last week was interesting, depending on the lines you got I went anywhere from 10-6-1 or 9-8, but I’ll call it 10-7 based on updated lines when the article was posted. Based on that, I’m now 40-27 ATS on the season, which is just a shade under 60%, but with a good week I can go back above that magic number. Read Full Article Here!


Michael Roth’s Ten Most Interesting College Football teams to Keep an Eye on for the Rest of the Season

The College Football Season is over a third of the way done, with five weeks having been played. There have been some teams that have exceeded expectations, some that have disappointed, and others that have just simply met expectations. At this point in the season we think we know a lot about all of these teams, but there are specific teams that I will be monitoring the most the rest of the season.  See all 10 Here!