Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Ryan Herbert

How the Eastern Conference is Shaping up Early On

The Eastern Conference has long been known as the weaker of the two conferences in the NBA. It has also been under the rule of LeBron James for the past eight years.  Now that the king has left the East, this will be the most competitive the conference has been in recent memory. Here is how each Eastern Conference team stands heading into week 4 of the NBA season. Continue Reading!


It’s the Warriors’ League and We are All just Living In It

It was assumed that the Golden State Warriors would be the best team in the league again.  It was assumed that they would hit a crazy amount of threes, and run everyone else out of the gym.  It was even assumed that Curry, Klay, and Durant would have crazy nights from the floor where they would drop 50.  And even with all our prior knowledge on how good the Golden State Warriors were, they might still be exceeding expectations. Continue Reading!

A Deeper Look Into the Buckeyes Abysmal Loss to Purdue

Ohio State suffered a horrific loss Saturday, falling to Purdue 49-20.  This loss seemed imminent as each week Ohio State was crippled with the same problems.  These same problems that were exposed all game Saturday.  The lack of a run game, allowing big plays on defense, and undisciplined penalties.  Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong for the Buckeyes. Meanwhile, on the other side, Purdue’s head coach Jeff Brohm cooked up a near perfect game plan to pull off the upset.  Ohio State got blatantly out coached all game.  If they want to turn this season around and compete for a Big Ten championship many adjustments will have to be made. Continue Reading!

The 8 Teams that will Reach the NBA Playoffs from the Ruthless Western Conference

A new NBA season is upon us after yet another wild offseason.  In particular, the western conference had a major shake up.  Demarcus Cousins joined the current Warriors dynasty, Lebron James made his way to LA, and Kawhi Leonard left the San Antonio Spurs after a long dispute over his health.  The western conference will be very different from last year.  However, even with the addition of Lebron James to the conference, it is still Golden State’s conference to lose.  Here is what I expect the western conference playoffs look like when the regular season comes to an end. Continue Reading!

Week 7 College Football Playoff Picture: Who’s In? Who’s Out?

We are six weeks into the college football season and it has already been year filled with surprises.  Texas is back, Auburn and Michigan State has disappointed, and the two starting quarterbacks from the national championship last year have been benched.  The 2018 season will be filled with plenty of great games down the stretch run.  There is still a lot to happen this year, but here are my college football playoff picks midway through the season. Continue Reading!