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Who Will be King of the East?

By Thomas Jeffrey

This NBA season is very unique from ones in recent years for one reason: there is a plethora of teams that could make it out of the Eastern Conference. LeBron and the Cavs are no longer the clear favorite to represent the East in the Finals… Read Full Article Here


The Battle for Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons vs. Donovan Mitchell

By Thomas Jeffrey

Before the NBA season even started the Rookie of the Year was Ben Simmons’ award to lose. It was the Aussie’s debut season after a year of rehab and rest, and NBA fans were excited to finally see Simmons in action. Simmons did not disappoint those fans. He seemed to have the award in the bag based on his performance early in the season… That is until Donovan Mitchell burst onto the scene. After the all-star break, the race for the league’s top rookie heated up between these two. Let’s take a look at why both players can capture the award. Read Full Article Here!