Wed. Apr 24th, 2019


Who’s NBA-Ready?

By Jack Hamrick

The NCAA has some incredible NBA-ready talent entering this year’s draft. Size, speed, and strength are everywhere and it’s hard to say who will go where. Here’s who I think is ready to tackle the Pro’s.

DeAndre Ayton

The 7’1″ Bahamian monster has arguably the best NBA body. Size and strength present, Ayton looks stronger than some current NBA centers. Averaging a double double at 19.9 PPG and 11.6 RPG, the Arizona big man is quite possibly the top prospect (as long as he can wait until the Pros to get his 100k). Read Full Article Here!


Ranking The NBA’s Best Young Players

By Dastan Haghnazari

For the definition of young, we’ll be examining players aged 22 years and younger. Some are rookies, but others have been in the league for a few years; however, all these players share one thing in common. Bright futures.

15 Lauri Markkanen – CHI 20 y/o
Markkanen is Chicago’s seven-footer, but his strengths lay in his wide-range of shooting capabilities and his average of almost 8 rebounds per game. Draft Express described Markkanen in his draft profile saying, “A fluid, coordinated athlete who… has a nice mix of tools to complement his advanced skill set his on the offensive end.” He, the third leading scorer on his team, currently maintaining an average of 14.9 ppg. Shooting an average of 42.3% from the field and 34.7% from three. With further development of Chicago’s young talent, the Bulls with Markkanen can expect success a couple of years down the road. Read Full Article Here!

Early NBA Playoff Analysis: Top Dogs

By Dastan Haghnazari

The NBA playoffs are always full of surprises, but within the past few years, it was definite that the Warriors and Cavs ruled supreme over the NBA.  This season the Cavs have been shaken up in a restructure, and Chris Paul has joined with James Harden to form a lethal duo in Houston.  We may see new teams in the finals this year or tradition may dictate that the Warriors and Cavs will be in attendance again.

The West is the better of the two conferences, and it contains the best players in the league, apart from the King.  Currently, I believe the best teams in the West are the Rockets, Warriors, Thunder, and Timberwolves.  The Rockets and Warriors are  the obvious favorites in the West for the one and two seed, respectively, and the rest of the seeding is almost a toss-up. Read Full Article Here!

Why Dame Deserves More Respect

By Oliver Mauntel

Even since his high school days, Damian Lillard has often been overlooked. He was rated a mere 2-star prospect out of high school, and eventually accepted a scholarship to play for Weber State of the Big Sky Conference. Now, as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, Lillard is still often overlooked in the discussion regarding the top point guards in the league. Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Russell Westbrook receive plenty of attention for their play, and rightfully so. Curry has won a pair of MVPs and championships, Irving has a championship under his belt, and Westbrook is the league’s reigning MVP. Damian Lillard doesn’t have an MVP or any NBA Finals victories on his resume, yet he deserves to be held on the same pedestal as the formerly mentioned.

  Read Full Article Here!

Zaza Pachulia: The Dirtiest of Players

By Griffin Hill

When 250+ pound professional athletes are running full speed, and using their muscle to launch themselves at every loose ball, injuries are bound to happen. But injuries are accidents, and should never be caused by an individuals intentional desire to hurt someone else.

Zaza Pachulia in numerous situations has been accused of crossing the line, and trying to hurt other stars. An incident with Kawhi Leonard last season, was perhaps the most infamous, and caught the attention of players around the league. The debate of whether the warriors big man intentionally stepped on the ankle of Leonard is in fact no debate at all. People around the league like to convince themselves that no player at this level would dare to do such a thing. While this would be a wonderful truth, it is not the case. Zaza Pachulia is out to injure other players, and revolves his game around cheap shots, and “dirty” plays. Read Full Article Here!