Thu. Apr 25th, 2019


NBA teams Most Likely to land Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson and the Duke Blue Devils were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament by Michigan State over the weekend. On Tuesday Williamson was named to the Associated Press All-America team.

This season Williamson averaged 22.1 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.2 blocked shots, and 1.8 steals. The Duke phenom also had a 69.3 field-goal percentage and was one of the stars of the NCAA tournament. It’s probably a safe bet that Williamson’s college basketball career is over. So where does he go?



With playoffs looming, Let’s Explore the Dilemmas and Demons Facing the Houston Rockets

If you got excited about the Houston Rockets chances against the Golden State Warriors in last year’s Western Conference finals, you were left heartbroken. Chris Paul suffered another major injury that sidelined him during the playoffs.

For Paul, this was nothing new. This was the same story back in L.A. when he was a Clipper. Ultimately the task of beating Golden State, without CP3, proved to be too much for the Rockets.


Going Bad

Congratulations to Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, you’ve created a Fox News style cycle where the talking heads debate endlessly regarding the self-proclaimed “King.” Now we have to ask, was it worth it? Was the media circus, trade rumors, locker room drama worth missing the playoffs for the 6th straight year?


The Significance of LeBron’s Sad Season

LeBron James is in trouble.

Not just in the obvious “missing the playoffs for the first time since his second year in the league off the heels of eight straight Finals appearances” sense, but in a way that completely rattles his legacy to its core.

Once he decided to take his talents down to the prophesized Los Angeles Lakers, the team seemed to instantly rocket to the top of the West, primed to topple even the dynastic Warriors. His true legacy-cementing test, the flick of the wrist for his career, would be conquering the mythical Western Conference as he had done with the East for nearly two decades. (more…)