Wed. Feb 20th, 2019


The 8 Teams that will Reach the NBA Playoffs from the Ruthless Western Conference

A new NBA season is upon us after yet another wild offseason.  In particular, the western conference had a major shake up.  Demarcus Cousins joined the current Warriors dynasty, Lebron James made his way to LA, and Kawhi Leonard left the San Antonio Spurs after a long dispute over his health.  The western conference will be very different from last year.  However, even with the addition of Lebron James to the conference, it is still Golden State’s conference to lose.  Here is what I expect the western conference playoffs look like when the regular season comes to an end. Continue Reading!


NBA Season Win Total Predictions for All 30 Teams; Stay away from the Lakers and Celtics

I’ve been having so much success with Football gambling, but for this article I am going to be doing a full breakdown on NBA season win totals. If you would like to debate me on these picks please feel free to tweet me, my twitter is @mikerothou

Note: The win projections I list at the end of each teams write up are coming from a computer formula by Jacob Goldstein that he posted on Jacob is awesome and you should follow him.

Atlanta 23.5 wins: Under

 the Hawks are going to struggle, and despite having the lowest win total on the board I’m still going under. The Hawks are trying to recreate the Warriors backcourt combo with Trae Young and Kevin Huerter, I was higher on both of these players than consensus, but that is more a long term value play for me. Continue Reading!

Trading for Jimmy Butler is Reckless; Signing Him to a Max Contract could be a Team’s Biggest Mistake!

A super-max contract is an immense commitment. Such a salary establishes the notion that this player is capable of championship glory. In order for a player to be truly worthy of said contract, he must fulfill two categories: appropriate age and a premier skillset.
Today’s league is one where youth is considered a high commodity, and rightfully so! Devin Booker and Nikola Jokic are adequate examples of players deserving max deals. Booker being only 21 and Jokic 23, both fulfill the category of age as they are merely only entering their primes. The skillset they each bring to their respective teams is tremendously diverse, as it ranges from isolation to off-ball play. The Booker extension made sense because there is some guarantee on investment. In a league where the axis of power is constantly being challenged and reshaped, it is imperative to resign consistency over short term talent. Continue Reading!

The Power Forward Position is Dying!

The NBA ten years ago was a completely different animal: it was a league dominated by back-to-the-basket bigs and limited motion offenses. Players like Blake Griffin became iconic on account of their ability to run up and done the court like super-humans. With this revelation came an eventual progression toward the three point shot. At the end of the day, three is better than two. Continue Reading!