Mon. Dec 17th, 2018


The Power Forward Position is Dying!

The NBA ten years ago was a completely different animal: it was a league dominated by back-to-the-basket bigs and limited motion offenses. Players like Blake Griffin became iconic on account of their ability to run up and done the court like super-humans. With this revelation came an eventual progression toward the three point shot. At the end of the day, three is better than two. Continue Reading!


Jimmy Butler is On the Move; Here are the Five Teams Most Likely to Make him Their Newest Addition

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler has clearly expressed his complaints with the Timberwolves organization throughout the entire offseason and has recently asked to be traded from the team. Reports have said that Butler did not like the lack of motivation and work ethic of his teammates, especially All-Star center Karl-Anthony Towns. Shortly after Butler made his intentions of being traded known, the Timberwolves signed Towns to a huge 5 year, 190 million dollar extension. A deal with the Miami Heat almost happened last week, but the proposal fell apart after the Timberwolves asked for too many assets in return from the Heat. With the NBA season approaching in less than two weeks, here are five teams that could possibly land the All-Start shooting guard in the midst of his prime: Continue Reading!

Five Potential Cities for NBA Expansion

By Eli Yankelevich


The Queen City is already a highly consolidated sports market. With franchises such as the Reds and the Bengals, there is still room to tap into professional basketball. Cincinnati is the 28th biggest market in the country with a metropolitan area that stretches to Dayton. Although the population of central Cincinnati is relatively small, the greater region is home to over two million people. This potential market size is comparable to cities like Charlotte, Orlando, San Antonio, and Denver. Continue Reading!