Wed. Feb 20th, 2019


The Cincinnati Bengals have started HOT: Are They the New King of the AFC North?

Sunday afternoon, the Cincinnati Bengals had a miraculous come-from-behind  home victory over the Miami Dolphins. The Bengals scored 27 unanswered points in the second half sparked by two defensive touchings from their three total takeaways. This fight until the end mentality for Cincinnati did not just emerge last Sunday; we saw it week 1 against the Colts, and again in week 4 in Atlanta. Additionally, the Bengals have the #1 red zone offense to go along with the 4th best scoring offense in the league. So, should we expect the Bengals to win the AFC North this year? I believe so. Continue Reading!


The Kaepernick Ad has tapped into the Minds of Generation Z and Nike’s Stock is Soaring! Griffin Hill Explains Why This is a Defining Move for the Future of Nike Worldwide.

By Griffin Hill

As I am sure the majority of the country has seen, Nike launched a controversial video starring Colin Kaepernick for the 30th anniversary of their “JUST DO IT” ad campaign. I will deliver my opinion on the situation, but first, to remind everyone of what caused people across the country to burn their Nike sneakers and president Trump to routinely turn to twitter to bash the brand; here is the full length commercial:

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