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Bundesliga 2018/19 Season Preview

By Aidan McGinn

With the start of the Bundesliga season rapidly approaching, let’s take a look at what each team has been doing in the off-season, the new faces on the block, and expectations for each team heading into the season. Read Full Article Here!


Kylian Mbappe: Soccer’s Next Global Superstar

By Oliver Mauntel

If you hadn’t heard of Kylian Mbappe prior to the 2018 World Cup, odds are, you have now. Mbappe’s stellar World Cup performance displayed that he has the makings to be a world class player (if you don’t already consider him one). Although Mbappe is only a teenager, his composure on and off the pitch, coupled with his obvious talent, should give fans hope that he can carry the torch in the inevitable post-Messi/Ronaldo era. (more…)

What Country/Region Should Be Hosting the World Cup?

Griffin Hill – 17


Oliver Mauntel


Jose Segura-Bermudez – 18


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