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The Kaepernick Ad has tapped into the Minds of Generation Z and Nike’s Stock is Soaring! Griffin Hill Explains Why This is a Defining Move for the Future of Nike Worldwide.

By Griffin Hill

As I am sure the majority of the country has seen, Nike launched a controversial video starring Colin Kaepernick for the 30th anniversary of their “JUST DO IT” ad campaign. I will deliver my opinion on the situation, but first, to remind everyone of what caused people across the country to burn their Nike sneakers and president Trump to routinely turn to twitter to bash the brand; here is the full length commercial:

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Five Potential Cities for NBA Expansion

By Eli Yankelevich


The Queen City is already a highly consolidated sports market. With franchises such as the Reds and the Bengals, there is still room to tap into professional basketball. Cincinnati is the 28th biggest market in the country with a metropolitan area that stretches to Dayton. Although the population of central Cincinnati is relatively small, the greater region is home to over two million people. This potential market size is comparable to cities like Charlotte, Orlando, San Antonio, and Denver. Continue Reading!

What Country/Region Should Be Hosting the World Cup?

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