Griffin Hill



I am a 17 year old entrepreneur currently completeing my senior year of highschool in Columbus, Ohio. I started this company to provide an outlet for young sports journalists to gain expericence and exposure. An open mind is big enough to contain the secrets of the Universe.

Oliver Mauntel



I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory School, and I am also a member of the varsity golf team. I was one of the founding pieces of Sports Regime since it first launched. I primarily write about NCAA sports (both CBB and CFB), as well as the NBA and the NFL.

Jose Segura-Bermudez


Lead Programmer

Sports Regime gave me the opportunity to continue my passion for computers and programming. As a kid, I grew up watching OSU football and Arsenal FC(EPL). I will be graduating from St. Charles Preparatory High School in the Spring.

Chase Albanese


I am a senior at Bishop Hartley High School in Columbus, Ohio. I am committed to play division 3 basketball at Heidelberg University. I’ve grown up an athlete, but have also watched sports my whole life. I specialize in writing about soccer, mainly premier league, but can cover a wide array of topics.

Colby Albanese


I’m 22 years old, and I was born in Youngstown OH, and i grew up in Columbus. I’m passionate when it comes to the game of football and basketball, specifically the Boston Celtics, and San Francisco 49ers.

Joseph Armen 


I’m currently a freshmen at the University of Dayton majoring in Sports Management. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and have 3 siblings. I love sports in general and could talk all day about them. I also enjoy a funny joke here and there.

Davidson Baker


Just a kid from Cleveland, Ohio. Currently a freshmen at the University of Dayton, I live for everything and anything sports. I am a 22 year old all-around sports junkie in the form of a face-punching aficionado. I knew Nomar Garciaparra was my favorite baseball player before I was potty trained. Contributor at FanSided and Host of the podcasts ‘Around The Cage’ and ‘The Bottom Line’.

Alesha Barrett


I am a Journalism graduate from SUNY Oswego. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. My stories on Sports Regime will primarily focus on the NBA and how it intersects with the social world. I hope to add a unique perspective to this site and start discussions on the connection between sports, culture and politics.

Kristoffer Ed Bellen


I am a freelance sports journalist who have had several writing gigs in various local and international sports media outlets. I usually write about the ATP and WTA Tour, but more recently I am getting engaged in basketball, football, and baseball. My favorite sports teams are the San Antonio Spurs, San Antonio Commanders, Green Bay Packers, and the Houston Astros.

Ryan Benda


I’m a 17 year old from Cleveland, Ohio. I like to talk about Paul George, OKC Thunder and LeBron James. I post daily content on my twitter about all different teams in basketball.

Easton Berrett


I attend Utah State University where I’m working on a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in journalism. Growing up I wrestled, ran track, golfed, and played football and baseball. My one love is football and my life goal is turning that into a career, which is off to a great start as I just finished my first season as an equipment manager for USU football. I am the founder and main contributor of the Big Blue USU Football Podcast and a moderator of r/usufootball on Reddit!

Shane Bidwell


I’m a senior at St Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I cover a wide array of topics but mainly specialize in college football. Ever since I was little I’ve had a deep love for college sports and have grown up addicted to them. My goal is to share my love and knowledge of sports with other young fans.

Falan Blake (Taylor)


I am a private chef, freelance writer/author & motivational speaker from New York City. My scope of expertise is in many areas such as Entrepreneurship , Hospitality, Motivational Speaking and Athleticism. My vision is to empower others to utilize their full potential to achieve their dreams. Some hobbies are cooking, archery, martial arts, basketball, and Artistic Design.

Kevin Brown


I am a 31 year old college football, enthusiast from Lynchburg TN. Over the years that enthusiasm has been turned more towards anything and everything fantasy football. I love to dig down into the numbers to set that perfect line up. From NFL to College to DFS I’m all in.

Bailey Caldwell


I am 22 years old from Athens GA. I am a huge basketball fan, avid gamer, and always up for a friendly debate about anything.

Natalie Calzetoni


I’m a senior in high school from Rochester, NY. I will be attending college this fall to study journalism and sports media. I’m an experienced baseball blog writer who has covered the Yankees on multiple sites. I’m a huge New York Yankees and Philadelphia Eagles fan. I love watching and writing about sports so I’m excited to contribute to this site!

Tyler Carmical


I am a freshman at the University of the Cumberlands. I’m a huge sports fan and I will cover a variety of sports- NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, and NCAAF.

Kyle Carroll


I’m 24 and from Oklahoma City. Sports has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Even if I don’t play it anymore, football still remains a huge passion of mine. Broncos fan still riding out Superbowl 50!

Josh Coleman


I’m 19 and from Parker, Colorado. I am currently going to school at Colorado Mesa University. I am a former athlete, and I love sports more than anything.

Glassford Crossfield


I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I am 22 years old and I have a passion for sports. I graduated from SUNY Oswego in December of 2018 with a Bachelors in Journalism. I am a Lakers fan (before LeBron), a New York Giants fan, and a diehard Mets fan. I have my own NBA blog, I am a social media intern at 12up Sports, and I have an NBA podcast in the works.

Ashten Cunningham


I’m from Atlanta Georgia and I am 21 years old and I currently attend Georgia State as a Journalism major. Love talking sports and my dream is to be a broadcaster.I am a die hard Falcons fan along with every other major sports team in Atlanta. 

George Economus


I’m George Economus, a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I like to write mostly about baseball and college football. My articles are usually predictions and analysis.

Andrew Fagaly


I attend the University of Kentucky as a part of the class of 2021. I am marketing major. you will find me watching the Cincinnati Reds (or any baseball game thats on) the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cleveland Cavs, and of course UK sports.

Jimmy Gatens


I graduated from Ridgewood High School in North Jersey in 2017. I am a Giants and Mets writer. Will play WR for the Giants if needed.

Zach Gotlieb

I’m 17 years old and from Parker, Colorado. I’ve been around sports my entire life and I love the strategy that goes into it. Being able to write about it and giving my analysis is something that I feel like I’m pretty good at, but I am always looking forward and looking to get better

Sedric Granger

I love everything about sports from playing, watching, writing, or even analyzing statistics. Above all, I love commentating. I am currently a junior at St. Charles Preparatory High School where I practice my public speaking as well as participate on the school’s football and volleyball teams. Additionally,  you can hear my commentary and live reactions of college football during every Saturday of the college season on Snapchat by adding  @granger.15

Emily Grant


From as far back as I can remember, my two passions have always been writing and sports — so I thought, why not combine those two. My hope is that I am able to show my joy and love of sports through my writing, to my audience. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with an emphasis in broadcasting and social media. Also, I have a major soft spot for the Detroit Tigers.

Max Greenfield


I am a 21 year old from northern California. I’ve been following baseball my entire life and I currently work for Sports Info Solutions as a video scout. While working in baseball I’ll hopefully share all my opinions on the game as well while I move through the baseball industry.

Charlie Hackett


Sports analytics and economics enthusiast. Favorite sport to watch is either college football or NBA basketball.

Dastan Haghanazari


I am currently a Senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. Check out my articles and thanks for reading!

Dionne Halsey


I am a writer, host, entertainer, and mental health advocate from Baltimore Maryland. I have a lot of experience in the music and entertainment industry but I LOVE SPORTS!  Growing up I played basketball, softball, and volleyball. I’m looking forward to writing about basketball, football, exploring mental health in sports and more.

Zach Hampu


I’m a freshman at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I play baseball and basketball in Columbus but closely follow baseball, basketball, and football. My allegiance lies with the Indians, Raiders, Cavs, and Ohio State Buckeyes. Sports journalism is a big passion of mine and college basketball is definitely my specialty.

Jack Hamrick


I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I mainly write about college and NFL football, but can write about all sports. Growing up I always had a passion for sports, and quickly became obsessed.

Ryan Herbert


I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a business major. Growing up, sports were always a huge part of my life and a huge interest of mine.  I love sharing my passion of sports through writing and I hope to inspire others to embrace their passions.

Adam Harrison


I am a Sport Journalism student based in the North West of England. Manchester United season ticket holder with a passion for sport and writing. I am currently a freelance Journalist working for Radcliffe FC

Tom Howley


I am a Red Sox and Patriots fan.Mookie Betts enthusiast, and the Fitchburg State Beerbong World Champion.

Thomas Jeffrey


I have been a sports fan my whole life. I love watching sports, but I also love writing about them. I’m glad to be showcasing my love for sports and my writing abilities. I hope you guys find what I write to be interesting!

Lukas Kacer


I am a 19 year old college student at Iowa State majoring in MIS and Data Science. I am an aspiring fantasy football writer and content provider. Check out my fantasy football lifestyle brand “Top Tier Sports” out on twitter @SportsTier.

Ewurama Kakraba-Ampeh


I am a 23 years old and from Ghana and have a bachelors degree in Natural Resources Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I have a passion for football(soccer), especially the women’s side and love to contribute to it’s development in my own small way.

Josh Kelsky


I am a 14-year-old from South Florida. I am a podcast creator and I aspire to become a sports broadcaster.

Alec Kreger


Wether it’s collecting autographs & memorabilia or making a dumb parlay on online gambling sites, I always love to be neck-deep in the sports industry. Currently, I am attending college in my hometown of Tampa, FL where I am pursuing a degree in journalism. Reluctant Wizards, Tennessee Vols, and Bucs fan. Proud Tampa Bay Lightning fan.

Taner Kutlu


I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. Want some hot takes on popular sports topics? Want some predictions? Want some not so popular opinions backed up by statistics? Im your guy.

Ethan Maxwell


I’m 18 years old and from Murrells Inlet, SC. I’m one of the biggest sports fans you’ll meet and I will debate you in almost anything.

Aidan McGinn


I am at BishopWatterson High School in Columbus, Ohio. I primarily write about soccer, specifically the European domestic leagues as well as Champion’s League. My twitter should keep you updated on all of my work.

Eduardo Monk Jr.


I’m a 17 year old junior over at Highland Park High School in the northern suburbs of Chicago and a varsity wrestler and hurdler. As primarily a football guy, my fandom extends to basketball, college wrestling, and a wee bit of hockey.

Hugo Morales


Seamhead who formerly worked soulless engineering jobs. You’ll find brutally honest opinions and hard facts from my view. Spot me at the local sports bar with a laptop and a pint.

Ryan Murphy 


I am 20 years old and from Cincinnati, Ohio. I live and breathe sports. Sports has always had a grip on me and I want it to be apart of my life!

Nick Murray


I’m a fan of all Boston sports fan, I write for the Celtics, I love basketball and baseball

Everett Peterson


l love writing, watching, talking, eating, breathing, sleeping basketball. Student at Utah Valley University. Blessed with patient, loving girlfriend. Go Jazz. Go Cards. Go Utes.

Emilio Raphael


I am 20 years old and live in Mexico City. This is me trying something new while I’m still figuring out what I want to do with my life! I am passionate about sports; I’ve followed baseball and soccer since I was young, but I love other sports as well. Mostly, I love how sports teach us life lessons.

Duncan Ritter


This fall I will be attending Louisiana State University. I fell in love with sports the day I was born. Although I’m from Louisiana, I’m a fan of the Lakers and Patriots. I hope to share my thoughts, predictions, and analysis of the NFL, NBA, and College Football.

Michael Roth


I am a freshmen at the Scripps college of communication at Ohio University. I have played basketball and baseball my entire life and have followed professional and college football and baseball since I was a kid.

Ben Sperling


I am from Clifton, New Jersey and love talking, writing, and debating  about sports. For me, sports is the world’s only common language. Huge Steelers fan.

Nate Stevenson


I am a sophomore at Saint Charles Preparatory School. I play basketball for Saint Charles as well. Main sports interests are college football, all levels of basketball, and anything about Ohio State.

Sonya Sussman


I am a 30-year-old O’s fan living in Los Angeles. I love baseball, that Good Ol Country Music, and MMA, in that order. I am a 2-time fantasy baseball champ. Dylan Bundy is my only vice.

Matthew Ultsh


I’ve been a very passionate sports fan my entire life, I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and opinion from a real fans perspective.

Tyler Webb


I cover anything that looks like a football, and some NBA too. Catch me binge watching Big 12 football at 2 AM. Huge TCU fan, as well as a Ravens and Thunder fan. Proud Texan, born and raised for 21 years.

Hannah Workman


I’m from Stockton, California and I’m a college student who is majoring in journalism. I’m a die-hard fan of the A’s, Raiders, Sharks and Warriors. Let’s talk about sports!

Eli Yankelevich


I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio and an avid Atlanta Hawks fan. Most of my work revolves around current situations and drama around the NBA.

Aaron Zeretsky


I have been a sports enthusiast for the past 20 years. I have extensive knowledge about baseball, basketball, hockey, American football, Canadian football, and pro wrestling. I eat, sleep, and breathe sports!

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