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Griffin Hill – 17



This spring I will be graduating Saint Charles preparatory in Columbus, Ohio. Writing is one way of many I hope to express my ideas in this world and so is Sports Regime itself. I am looking forward to see what challenges and opportunities are next. On here you will find a great variety of my opinions on anything going on in the sports world. Go Lakers. Go Wings. Go Bucks.

Oliver Mauntel – 17



I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory School, and I am also a member of the varsity golf team. I was one of the founding pieces of Sports Regime since it first launched. I primarily write about NCAA sports (both CBB and CFB), as well as the NBA and the NFL.

Jose Segura-Bermudez – 18


Lead Programmer

Have been interested in computers and programming all my life. I love OSU football and Arsenal FC. I will be graduating from St. Charles Preparatory High School in the Spring.

Sedric Granger – 16


I love everything about sports from playing, watching, writing, or even analyzing statistics. Above all, I love commentating. I am currently a junior at St. Charles Preparatory High School where I practice my public speaking as well as participate on the school’s football and volleyball teams. Additionally,  you can hear my commentary and live reactions of college football during every Saturday of the college season on Snapchat by adding  @granger.15

Eli Yankelevich – 17



I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio and an avid Atlanta Hawks fan. Most of my work revolves around current situations and drama around the NBA.

Jack Hamrick – 17


All Sports

I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I mainly write about college and NFL football, but can write about all sports. Growing up I always had a passion for sports, and quickly became obsessed.

Thomas Jeffrey – 17



I have been a sports fan my whole life. I love watching sports, but I also love writing about them. I’m glad to be showcasing my love for sports and my writing abilities. I hope you guys find what I write to be interesting!

George Economus – 17



I’m George Economus, a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I like to write mostly about baseball and college football. My articles are usually predictions and analysis.

Shane Bidwell – 17


All Sports

I’m a senior at St Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I cover a wide array of topics but mainly specialize in college football. Ever since I was little I’ve had a deep love for college sports and have grown up addicted to them. My goal is to share my love and knowledge of sports with other young fans.

Charlie Hackett – 17


Sports Business

Sports analytics and economics enthusiast.  Senior at St. Charles Preparatory.  Favorite sport to watch is either college football or NBA basketball.

Chase Albanese – 17



I am a senior at Bishop Hartley High School in Columbus, Ohio. I am committed to play division 3 basketball at Heidelberg University. I’ve grown up an athlete, but have also watched sports my whole life. I specialize in writing about soccer, mainly premier league, but can cover a wide array of topics.

Aidan McGinn – 17



I am at BishopWatterson High School in Columbus, Ohio. I primarily write about soccer, specifically the European domestic leagues as well as Champion’s League. My twitter should keep you updated on all of my work.

Dastan Haghanazari – 17



I am currently a Senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. Check out my articles and thanks for reading!

Michael Roth – 18



I am a freshmen at the Scripps college of communication at Ohio University. I have played basketball and baseball my entire life and have followed professional and college football and baseball since I was a kid.

Ryan Herbert – 18


All Sports

I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a business major. Growing up, sports were always a huge part of my life and a huge interest of mine.  I love sharing my passion of sports through writing and I hope to inspire others to embrace their passions.

Zach Hampu – 14


All Sports

I’m a freshman at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I play baseball and basketball in Columbus but closely follow baseball, basketball, and football. My allegiance lies with the Indians, Raiders, Cavs, and Ohio State Buckeyes. Sports journalism is a big passion of mine and college basketball is definitely my specialty.

Dylan Forche – 18


I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. I cover many sports but hockey is my specialty. I grew up in Columbus so it was nice to have the Columbus Blue Jackets right around the corner! I hope to grow the interest surrounding the sport hockey in my community and around the world!

Taner Kutlu – 17



I am a senior at St. Charles Preparatory High School in Columbus, Ohio. Want some hot takes on popular sports topics? Want some predictions? Want some not so popular opinions backed up by statistics? Im your guy.

Nate Stevenson – 16


All Sports

I am a sophomore at Saint Charles Preparatory School. I play basketball for Saint Charles as well. Main sports interests are college football, all levels of basketball, and anything about Ohio State.

Danny Kraft – 17


I’m a senior at Bishop Watterson High School. I play varsity ice hockey. I love all sports especially hockey and all Philadelphia sports. I love sports but I also have a passion for the uniforms and logos in sports. I will be attending West Virginia University next fall.

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