Fri. Jan 18th, 2019

Why Duke is the Team to Beat

By Oliver Mauntel

After reeling in the top recruiting class for the class of 2017, the Blue Devils entered the 2017-18 season with sky-high expectations. Some wondered, including myself, who can beat these guys? After all, they have six former 5-star recruits, three former 4-stars, and arguably the best basketball coach of all time running the show. The ride, however, has been bumpier than anticipated, but Duke is hitting their stride at the right time. Read Full Article Here!


ACC Tourney: What The Bubble Teams Need to Do

By Griffin Hill

The ACC tournament starts today and there are several teams on the bubble looking to boost their portfolio. The season may fall onto the pressure of one game for some teams, but one thing is for sure… The ACC tournament is always exciting to watch.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame came into the season with extremely high expectations, and failed to live up to the hype. They understandably blame their troubles on the injury of star big man Bonzie Colson. Colson was projected to compete for 1st team All American honors and boost his stock for next years’ NBA Draft. Read Full Article Here!

Teams that are Rolling right into March

By Griffin Hill

There are teams every year that get hot at the right time, and have the momentum it takes to make a deep run in the tournament regardless of talent. Conference championships are the last chance to punch a ticket to the big dance, and get your team excited and motivated to compete in late March.

Here are the 5 teams I think are the hottest in all of college basketball.

5. Miami Hurricanes

This program (like the football team) thrives on momentum and energy, and with a 4 game win streak going into the ACC tournament, they are scary. The Hurricanes have shown they are one of the best transition teams in the country, and lately that they can get stops down the stretch. If this team can make a push in the conference tourney their stock will rise, and I look for them to make an Elite 8 run. Read Full Article Here!

Who’s NBA-Ready?

By Jack Hamrick

The NCAA has some incredible NBA-ready talent entering this year’s draft. Size, speed, and strength are everywhere and it’s hard to say who will go where. Here’s who I think is ready to tackle the Pro’s.

DeAndre Ayton

The 7’1″ Bahamian monster has arguably the best NBA body. Size and strength present, Ayton looks stronger than some current NBA centers. Averaging a double double at 19.9 PPG and 11.6 RPG, the Arizona big man is quite possibly the top prospect (as long as he can wait until the Pros to get his 100k). Read Full Article Here!