Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Kansas, Gonzaga, and Tennessee Pose the Biggest Threat to Knock off Duke

The Duke Blue Devils were more than impressive in their opener against #2 Kentucky, beating them by 34, and scoring 118 points. Their star freshmen, RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, Cam Reddish, and Tre Jones, lived up to the hype. No freshmen scaries for this crew, as Barrett had 33, Zion with 28, and Reddish had 22. This Duke team is disgusting, and they play like seasoned veterans. So, can anyone beat the Dukies? Continue Reading!


Recapping Week 2 of College Basketball: The Big Ten’s Big Week, Holiday Tournament Previews, and More!

The Big Ten’s Big Week

Over the last seven days the Big Ten has looked like they’re as good as any conference in the nation.  They got a chance to prove this thanks to the Gavitt Tipoff Games and the 2K Empire Classic.  Just in the last seven days, Wisconsin won at Xavier, Michigan dominated at Villanova, Indiana beat Marquette, Nebraska beat Seton Hall, Iowa beat Oregon and UConn, and Ohio State won at Creighton.  There are currently twelve Big Ten teams in the KenPom top 50, the next closest conference is the ACC with nine.  The Big Ten is making a very strong case as the best conference in college basketball, all they are missing is one really good team atop the conference.  Michigan is currently the highest rated by KenPom with a +21.79 adjusted efficiency margin, which is good for ninth in the nation.  The ACC has a clear lead in that department with three of the KenPom top four.  This has been a huge week for the conference and they will look to build on it with some Holiday Tournament wins. Continue Reading!

Life in Philly with Jake Arnoldy: The Eagles Coaching has been Pathetic, and They Won’t Get it Turned Around This Season

The Eagles come up short again in the fourth quarter for the FIFTH time this year. Every single loss the Eagles have taken this year has been by 7 points or less. That shows the Eagles are failing to get business done in the fourth quarter. Sunday night the offense came out flat against a mediocre Dallas defense, at best. Carson Wentz and company were only able to produce 3 points in the first half off a Jake Elliot field goal. I don’t put all the blame on the players, even though there was poor execution. I put the majority of the blame on the play calling of HC Doug Pederson and OC Mike Groh. The Birds have the ability  to be a high powered offense when playing to their strengths.  However, I strongly question the play calls, especially on third down. The Eagles didn’t convert on a single third down in the first half. That can not happen in the NFL if you want to be an elite team. DC, Jim Schwarts also has been struggling to stop offenses on third down. On third and long Schwarts will stack the first down marker with all the corners and safeties. Teams see this and will throw screens to wideouts or running backs and convert almost everytime. This is certainly not the best way defend on a third down. The Eagles not only need to make playcalling changes, but they also need to approach third down differently on offense and defense. These changes need to be made immediately because their season will be ending sooner than they had planned.