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The Case for a new QB1: Matt Ryan Fantasy Player Profile 2019


In the fantasy football world that we are in today it is hard to be against Patrick Mahomes when it comes to QB1 talks, but I am confident in the fact that Patrick Mahomes will not finish as the QB1 overall. It may seem impossible to have the facts to prove it, but I have found a strong argument in favor of MY QB1.

Matt Ryan in his career with the Atlanta Falcons has thrived when playing indoors, and lucky for him he gets to play 8 games in a dome every year therefore giving me a solid sample size to prove my take. We will start with the 2016 season where Ryan had 9 indoor games, 8 home and 1 away, and in those 9 indoor games he averaged 24.75 fantasy points per game which led him to an overall QB2 finish.

After the Falcons disappointing 2017 season it seemed almost impossible for Matt Ryan to bounce back and become an elite fantasy quarterback again, but he proved everyone wrong finishing as the QB2 overall. Again with 9 indoor games Matt Ryan was able to average a solid 24.1 fantasy points per game while facing the 13th easiest fantasy schedule towards quarterbacks.

Although these are just random averages towards the indoor games Matt Ryan played, they all translate to my decision to make Matt Ryan my QB1. For this upcoming season Matt Ryan gets to play 12 GAMES INDOORS, and as I have already stated and shown above Matt Ryan thrives in indoor games. With a solid floor of 12 games in a dome and two new additions to the offensive line it only seems fitting that Matty Ice is going to have a great season. Not to mention he has a new offensive coordinator in Dirk Koetter who has a great sample size in terms of pass heavy offenses in his coaching career.

To top this off, you are even able to get Matt Ryan about 5 rounds later than the public’s QB1 Patrick Mahomes. So, hop off the comfortable QB hype train and join me and watch Matt Ryan lead your team to a fantasy championship.


3 of the Biggest Fantasy Football Sleepers for 2019

Every year there are always players who over perform and under perform their ADP (average draft position). The goal of every fantasy football manager is to find those players who out perform their ADP, and draft as many of them as possible. Here are a couple of players who I think will out perform their average draft position and finish the season with the title of a “sleeper.” You can check out my youtube video related to this topic HERE!

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2019 Fantasy Football Early WR Rankings

It is never too early to start planning for your 2019 fantasy football season! These are my way too early 2019 fantasy football WR rankings for full point PPR scoring. These are subject to change and will continue to get updated throughout the offseason. Go check out the full rankings video on my youtube channel HERE!

1) Deandre Hopkins
To start off these rankings I have Deandre Hopkins or in my little fantasy mind Mr Reliable. Hopkins who has been a top WR in the league every since he was drafted is primed for another top season, and in my opinion he is going to separate himself from the rest of the receivers in the league. With a quickly developing quarterback and viable surrounding weapons Hopkins will look to remain at the top of the food chain in terms in fantasy dominance, and I am confident he will finish as the WR1. Continue Reading!